Contracted To Mr Collins: 2nd Edition

February 25, 2019|
Contracted To Mr Collins: 2nd Edition


Rebecca D’Angelo had heard about the account executive position at Collins Enterprises a few days earlier. With a whopping $75,000 base salary on the line, she was eager to apply. Aspirations soaring, she put together a stunning portfolio and an impressive résumé, then marched herself directly downtown.

With zing in her step, she walked up to the building and read the notice on the front door:
DEADLINE - Résumés for Account Executive position must be received no later than 10 am this morning.
She checked the time on her phone - 9:51 am. Unsure of her exact destination, she began to panic. She darted toward the information desk. At first, Rebecca had no idea what she even ran into – a brick wall?
Crashing to the floor, her latte and portfolio launched into the air. Her momentary thought was, thankfully she had protected her documents with a plastic case. However, that thought abruptly ended when a set of large hands wrapped around her arms and a deep rumbling voice echoed above her. “Jesus Christ! This is not a schoolyard, young lady!”

Looking up, she couldn’t believe her eyes. His dark hair was combed back neatly on the top and trimmed into a flawlessly tapered fade on the sides to meet his designer stubbled beard. The most amazing electric blue eyes she had ever seen stood out like stars against a perfect bronze tan, and she could feel the power radiate off his 6’ 4” GQ cover body as she watched him wipe her latte from his crisp white dress shirt and expensive Armani suit. There was no mistaking who this man was — Aiden Collins, CEO of Collins Enterprises.

Her only thought... 'Shit!'

Amazingly, she's made it to the final round of interviews, but today’s interview will be conducted by none other than — Aiden Collins himself. Yep. That's right. That means her fate at Collins Enterprises now lies solely in his hands.
On the bright side, it's been three weeks since the latte accident, and she has made it this far. That must mean he's forgotten. Right?

This book is rated 18+ Due to Adult situations and Language

Book 1 in The Collins Brothers Series
*See also Commitment: Collins vs. Collins - Book 2

Title:Contracted To Mr Collins: 2nd Edition
Format:Kobo ebook
Published:February 25, 2019
Publisher:SJ. Turner
Appropriate for ages:All ages
ISBN - 13:9780463196076

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