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Whether you are succeeding a much-admired boss or charged with implementing sweeping, potentially unsettling change initiatives, a new role is fraught with obstacles. To ensure that your first steps in a new job will lead to enduring success, "Right from the Start" lays out an action-oriented…read more

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Many books have been written for new CEOs on what they need to do when they take charge at a new company, but few focus on what the rest of the organization has to do to set up the new leader--and the rest of the organization--for success. During any transition of C-suite leadership, the board of…read more

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Clear, actionable guidance toward managing a major leadership change Transitions at the Top is an insightful, informative guide to navigating a change in leadership. A smooth transition is critical to both the health of the organization and the success of the new leader, but good planning and…read more