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In this epic novel, veteran writer Edwin Shrake explores the feuds and alliances among Americans, Mexicans, and Indians, the political treachery, and the tales of fortune-hungry settlers that combine to tell the story of how Texas was born. Set in the blossoming frontier town of Austin, The…read more

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In the bestselling tradition of Larry McMurtry, a sweeping novel that tells the tale of how mighty Texas was born--now available in paperback.] In this epic novel set in 1839, author Edwin Shrake, himself a Texan, presents a portrait of Texas as it was, a borderland between civilization and the…read more

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Harry Sparrow, an American journalist determined to win a Pulitzer, travels to Dien Bien Phu and becomes involved with an ex-Nazi legionnaire and his girlfriend, Claudette Frontenac, in the midst of a confrontation between the French Army and a Communist force.read more