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She's a skinny orphan. She's never been able to hear too well. And she can't speak too well, either. The only person who seems to care for her—one of the nuns at the orphanage—gets taken away from Alice in a freak accident. And then one day somebody calls Alice by the wrong name.…read more

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From the author of the best-selling WICKED, a transporting tale-within-a-tale about the strange world of skibbereen — aka tooth fairies — and the universal need to believe. A terrible storm is raging, and ten-year-old Dinah is huddled by candlelight with her brother, sister, and cousin…read more

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Once upon a time . . . nothing was as it seemed! What if Sleeping Beauty were actually a frog princess, doomed to be Weeping Beauty forever? What if the Three Chickens had to outwit Goldifox ? What if Cinder-Elephant lost her glass plate slipper? Then you'd have this hilarious collection of…read more