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Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus: A Devout Muslim Encounters Christianity

|August 21, 2018

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NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • 2015 Christian Book Award winner • Nabeel Qureshi describes his dramatic journey from Islam to Christianity in this expanded edition with new bonus content and reflections. "My friend Nabeel Qureshi was courageous enough to…
Allah Loves

|June 12, 2020

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In Allah Loves... Omar Suleiman explores who and what Allah loves so that we may become one of those who are beloved to Him. The Prophet Muhammad said that one of the supplications of Prophet Dawud was, O Allah I ask You for Your love and the love of those that…
Allah Is Dead: Why Islam Is Not A Religion
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Many analysts have worked on the problem of Islam's political aspects, but few have tackled Islam philosophically as a whole. Rebecca Bynum does that. She discusses Islam and its status in the modern world with a depth and precision missing in many modern…
Allah Made Everything: The Song Book
Picture Books

|April 12, 2019

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Allah Made Everything , the song book, is based on the lyrics of the well-loved children's song by renowned singer and songwriter Zain Bhikha. The song was first released in 2015, and together with the hit video, has become one of the most popular Muslim…
Blessed Names And Attributes Of Allah
Paper over Board

|July 22, 2016


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Allah's are the names most beautiful. Whatever is in the heavens and earth extols His glory."-The Qur'an (Al-Hashr 59:24) "Allah has 99 names. He who remembers these will certainly enter Paradise."-Prophet Muhammad (Bukharhi Hadith Kitab Ad-Dawat, 2,949)…
No God But One: Allah Or Jesus?: A Former Muslim Investigates The Evidence For Islam And…
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Having shared his journey of faith in the New York Times bestselling Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus , Nabeel Qureshi now examines Islam and Christianity in detail, exploring areas of crucial conflict and unpacking the relevant evidence. In this anticipated…
My First Book About Allah
Board Book

|July 17, 2020


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This simple but beautiful book helps children understand who Allah is. It introduces some of His divine attributes: His Oneness, His infinite Power, Love and Mercy, and it ends with the promise He has made to those who believe in Him and make Him happy. It is a…
Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus Study Guide: A Former Muslim Shares The Evidence That Led Him From…
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Building on the powerful story and arguments he shared in Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus , Nabeel Qureshi and co-author Kevin Harney take viewers deeper into apologetics and evangelism among Muslims with this complete study course. In eight lessons coordinated to…
The Pure Intention: On Knowledge Of The Unique Name
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The Pure Intention: On Knowledge of the Unique Name is the first ever translation into English of a seminal work from the Sufi tradition. This title focuses on the Divine Name Allah and the virtues and transformative power of its invocation. Written by the…
I Am God, I Am Jesus, I Am Allah, The Truth Will Set You Free
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Granny, Where Does Allah Live?

|September 1, 2021


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The Hikam - The Wisdom of Ibn `Ata' Allah: The Wisdom of Ibn Ata'Allah al-Iskandari
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The Hikam , or Wisdom, of the great Sufi Master Ibn Ata 'Allah al-Iskandari has long been acknowledged as an essential and classic masterwork of the Islamic science of enlightenment. Ibn Ata 'Allah exemplified the ultimate model of a Sufi master possessed of a…