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Ada's Algorithm: How Lord Byron's Daughter Ada Lovelace Launched The Digital Age

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“[Ada Lovelace], like Steve Jobs, stands at the intersection of arts and technology."—Walter Isaacson, author of The Innovators Over 150 years after her death, a widely-used scientific computer program was named “Ada,” after Ada Lovelace,…
Spellbound: The Surprising Origins And Astonishing Secrets Of English Spelling

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Welcome to the illogical, idiosyncratic, outrageous linguistic phenomenon known as the English language. The story of how this ragtag collection of words evolved is a winding tale replete with intriguing accidents and bizarre twists of fate. In this eye-opening,…
Jacquard's Web: How a hand-loom led to the birth of the information age

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Jacquard's Web is the story of some of the most ingenious inventors the world has ever known, a fascinating account of how a hand-loom invented in Napoleonic France led to the development of the modern information age. James Essinger, a master story-teller,…
Machines Of The Mind: A Life Of Charles Babbage

|January 1, 2035

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The first biography of the "father of the computer" in nearly 20 years. Charles Babbage was a visionary inventor, mathematician, engineer, and philosopher and the center of the Victorian London social world. A fascinating narrative of the extraordinary mind…
El algoritmo de Ada: La vida de Ada Lovelace, hija de lord Byron y pionera de la era informática

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Un retrato íntimo de la corta pero importante vida de Ada Lovelace y al mismo tiempo una breve historia de la alta sociedad londinense del siglo XIX. The New Criterion 150 años después de su muerte, un conocido programa informático recibió el nombre de Ada en…
Ada's Algorithm: How Lord Byron's Daughter Ada Lovelace Launched the Digital Age through the Poetry…

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Ada Lovelace was the only legitimate child of Lord Byron, the dangerous romantic poet whose name became a byword for scandal. Over the past decades, she herself has become a surprising underground star for digital pioneers all over the world, starting with Alan…