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The Real History of Ancient Egypt

|April 24, 2009


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The Real History of Ancient Egypt proves that Dynasties 1 through 6 are the Bible's judges, kings and foreign overlords of Israel while Dynasties 7 through 25 are classical history's empires on the Nile of Babylon, Persia, Greece and Rome. On the real-time…
The Rebirth
Kobo ebook

|April 19, 2014


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After the murder of his parents, Markus is forced to live in hiding, The son of a werewolf father and vampire mother, he has resigned himself to the fact that he will forever be on the run. Forever alone. When he meets Julia, however, everything changes. His…
Virtual Knights

|February 14, 2007


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In the quiet city of Fallbrook, Jared is having a rather ordinary, boring day at school. But ordinary is about to become extraordinary in the space of a few minutes . After Jared arrives home from school, he's astonished to discover his cell phone morphing into…