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To Money and a TV

|October 14, 2015


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Ben continues his complicated relationship with Agent Puzo and his life as a reluctant private investigator and some-time super-hero. As he delves deeper and deeper into the mysteries surrounding the world and how it works, he begins to unlock the secrets of…
Bedroom Walls That Save Us

|October 2, 2018


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My name is Benedict Thompson and I am a superhero. WIth a single Touch, I can read an item's past. I can tell who used that pen before you, I can describe how that shoe was made and I can describe everything that has been done on that motel room bed. Not every…
Lightyears To Go Before I Sleep: An Avalon Lost Novel

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The Legendary Soldier Major Allana Guiver lost everything in the war. She lost her friends, she lost her troops, she lost her family and she lost her fiancee. She lost all this and more to defend humanity in its time of need. Then she was cryogenically frozen.…
She Who Trains Under Death
Kobo ebook

|March 29, 2018

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When a Super Villan threatens the innocent or a scientific experiment goes rogue, you call in Mac. She is tough, strong and will always get the job done, no matter what. MISSION OBJECTIVE: Infiltrate the base and save the hostages. Morrel Blood is a top secret…