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Moral Calculations: Game Theory, Logic, and Human Frailty
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Are people ever rational? Consider this: You auction off a one-dollar bill to the highest bidder, but you set the rules so that the second highest bidder also has to pay the amount of his last bid, even though he gets nothing. Would people ever enter such an…
The Logic Of Miracles: Making Sense Of Rare, Really Rare, And Impossibly Rare Events
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We live in a much more turbulent world than we like to think, but the science we use to analyze economic, financial, and statistical events mostly disregards the world’s essentially chaotic nature. We need to get used to the idea that wildly improbable…
Optimal entschieden?: Spieltheorie und die Logik unseres Handelns
Paperback | German

|August 23, 2014

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Think A Step Further !
Kobo ebook

|May 9, 2015


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Sometimes even ideas that are widely accepted can be worth thinking a step further: neither Aristotle, Newton or Einstein could have known anything about the Internet or about cloning. This said, great minds often err more intelligently than lesser mortals get it…
Die Biologie des Geldes: Darwin und der Ursprung der Ökonomie
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Geld und Gene haben viel gemeinsam – jedenfalls wenn das Geld als Kapital auftritt. Dann verhält es sich wie eine Lebensform – stets darauf versessen, sich zu replizieren. Mit Blick auf neuere Erkenntnisse der Biologie, Ökonomie, Psychologie und Mathematik…