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Thermoelectricity: Thermoelectric and Thermomagnetic Properties in Low-Dimensional and Nanoscale…

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Thermoelectricity describes the physics of energy conversion, from heat to electric power, and from electric power to heat or cooling power in solids. The working fluid consists of the conduction electrons. While this classical subject has a long and…
Physics Of Graphene

|August 23, 2016

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This book provides a state of the art report of the knowledge accumulated in graphene research. The fascination with graphene has been growing very rapidly in recent years and the physics of graphene is now becoming one of the most interesting as well as the most…
Carbon Nanotubes: Synthesis, Structure, Properties, and Applications

|April 17, 2014

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This book gives a comprehensive review of the present status of research in this fast moving field by researchers actively contributing to the advances. After a short introduction and a brief review of the relation between carbon nanotubes, graphite and other…
Graphite Fibers and Filaments

|December 14, 2011

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This book was begun after three of the present authors gave a series of in­ vited talks on the subject of the structure and properties of carbon filaments. This was at a conference on the subject of optical obscuration, for which submicrometer diameter…
Raman Spectroscopy in Graphene Related Systems: Carbon Nanotubes, Nanographite And Graphene

|February 21, 2011

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Raman spectroscopy is the inelastic scattering of light by matter. Being highly sensitive to the physical and chemical properties of materials, as well as to environmental effects that change these properties, Raman spectroscopy is now evolving into one of the…
Group Theory: Application to the Physics of Condensed Matter

|October 14, 2010

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Every process in physics is governed by selection rules that are the consequence of symmetry requirements. The beauty and strength of group theory resides in the transformation of many complex symmetry operations into a very simple linear algebra. This concise…
Carbon Nanotubes: Advanced Topics In The Synthesis, Structure, Properties And Applications

|January 24, 2008

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Building on the success of its predecessor, Carbon Nanotubes: Synthesis, Structure, Properties and Applications, this second volume focuses on those areas that have grown rapidly in the past few years. Contributing authors reflect the multidisciplinary nature of…
Physical Properties of Carbon Nanotubes

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This is an introductory textbook for graduate students and researchers from various fields of science who wish to learn about carbon nanotubes. The field is still at an early stage, and progress continues at a rapid rate. This book focuses on the basic principles…
Handbook of Carbon Nanomaterials: Volume 9:Optical Properties of Carbon Nanotubes, Part I:A Volume…

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This volume is a tribute to the career of Prof. Mildred Dresselhaus. It focuses on the optical properties and spectroscopy of single-wall carbon nanotubes. It contains chapters on diverse experimental and theoretical aspects of the field, written by…