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Diabetic Renal-Retinal Syndrome: Pathogenesis and Management Update 2002

|October 4, 2012

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Fresh insights into the pathogenic mechanisms by which hyperglycemia induces tissue and organ injurt are the basis for rapidly evolving promising therapies in diabetes. Especially promising as targets for intervention are products of oxidative stress, including…
Diabetic Nephropathy: Strategy For Therapy
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Diabetic nephropathy is a tragic illness. Its often insidious onset in the insulin­ dependent (type I) diabetic, typically a young adult, heralds the last act in the course of a disease that will increasingly become the dominant preoccupation in the…
Strength and Compassion in Kidney Failure: Writings of Mildred (Barry) Friedman Professional Kidney…
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Written from the perspective of the joy of celebrating life rather than lamenting the scourge of chronic illness, this collection of medical columns, short stories, and letters recounts the wonderful and upbeat tale of coping, surviving, and prevailing. Starting…
Diabetic Renal-retinal Syndrome: 21st Century Management Now
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After a decade or longer, approximately one-third of individuals with either type 1 or type 2 diabetes commence a downhill course in which decreasing renal function and failing vision define a Renal-Retinal Syndrome, dominating all aspects of life and presaging…
Myths And Shibboleths In Nephrology

|June 30, 2002

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Increasingly, medicine in general and nephrology specifically is based on clinical trials and verifiable presumption. Still, however, much of everyday clinical practice is the consensus of pundits and experts unable to validate their suggestions beyond personal…
Legal and Ethical Concerns in Treating Kidney Failure: Case Study Workbook

|September 30, 2000

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Once dialysis treatment, in 1960, permitted life prolongation for some but not all patients in kidney failure, an `ethical genie' was released. The introduction of peritoneal dialysis and kidney transplantation compounded the physician's dilemma by underscoring…
Death on Hemodialysis: Preventable or Inevitable?
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|September 30, 2015

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Death on Hemodialysis: Preventable or Inevitable? presents the transactions of the Brooklyn meeting, held in April 1993, including an analysis by Scribner and Schreiner and an introduction by Edmund Bourke. Authors include the heads of dialysis registries for…