Cornerstone: Creating Success Through Positive Change, Concise by Robert M. SherfieldCornerstone: Creating Success Through Positive Change, Concise by Robert M. Sherfield

Cornerstone: Creating Success Through Positive Change, Concise

byRobert M. Sherfield, Patricia G. Moody

Paperback | January 8, 2010

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The sixth edition helps students focus on practical strategies for CHANGE.  Those who can master change with a positive attitude take calculated risks and maintain an open mind will succeed. 


Filled with inspiring stories and powerful activities, this motivating book teaches success through discovery, goal-setting and determination.  Cornerstone Concise utilizes SQ3R and Bloom's Taxonomy throughout, employing the reading and critical thinking strategies necessary for student achievement.  Thoroughly updated, it includes a new chapter on Interpersonal  Communication, and now extensively covers Information Literacy.  Also provides updated and expanded information on money and debt management and a stronger focus on self-engagement.  The chapter on Critical Thinking is brand new, empowering students to advance in the classroom and beyond.

    Robert M. Sherfield, Ph.D. has been teaching public speaking, theatre, and student success and working with first-year orientation programs for over 25 years. Currently, he is a professor at the College of Southern Nevada, teaching student success, technical writing, public speaking, and drama.     An award-winning educator, Robb...
Title:Cornerstone: Creating Success Through Positive Change, ConciseFormat:PaperbackDimensions:336 pages, 10.8 × 8.5 × 0.6 inPublished:January 8, 2010Publisher:Pearson EducationLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

BEGIN: The Goal of Cornerstone and Our Commitment to You


Features In each chapter:


Why Read This Chapter

Why Read This Chapter…From My Perspective

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CHAPTER 1        CHANGE: Adjusting to the Culture of College, Nurturing Change, and Setting Goals

                            The Times…They Are A-Changin’

                            The M&M Theory

                            College and You

                            The Culture of College

                            Creating Success Through Positive Change

                            Eliminating Roadblocks to Your Success

                            Building a New You

CHAPTER 2        ENGAGE: Developing Your Personal and Academic Passion to Persist in College

                            The Power and Passion of Motivation

                            Achieving Your Potential and Increasing Your Motivation

                            Persisting in College

CHAPTER 3        COMMUNICATE: Improving Your Personal Communication, Cultivating Relationships, and Managing Conflict

                            The Communication Process

                            The Story of One Wild Boy

                            Nonverbal Behavior in Interpersonal Communication

                            OMG U R OTT

                            Self-Disclosure and Interpersonal Communication

                            The Ties That Bind

                            Learning to Live and Communicate with Others

                            Conflict in Relationships Is Inevitable

                            The Faces of Conflict

                            Standards for Dealing with Difficult People and Managing Conflict

CHAPTER 4        THINK: Expanding Your Aptitude for Critical Thinking, Emotional Intelligence, and Information Literacy Skills

                            Thinking About Thinking

                            The Importance of Critical Thinking

                            An Eight-Point Plan for Critical Thinking

                            Sharpening Your Emotional Intelligence Skills




CHAPTER 5        PRIORITIZE: Planning Your Time and Reducing Stress

                            Time–You Have All There Is

                            Time Management and Self-Discipline

                            I’ll Do It When I Have a Little Free Time

                            Planning, Doodling, or Begging

                            Absolutely No…Well, Maybe

                            Beginning Your Day with Peace

                            The Dreaded “P” Word

                            Getting the Most Out of This Moment

                            Evaluating How You Spend Your Time

                            Focusing On and Eliminating Distractions and Interruptions

                            Planning and Preparing

                            Stress? I Don’t Have Enough Time for Stress!

                            I Don’t Think I Feel So Well

CHAPTER 6        LEARN: Using Your Dominant Intelligence, Preferred Learning Style, and Unique Personality Type to Become an Active Learner

                            We Hope You Learned Your Lesson!

                            Give Your Brain a Workout

                            The Learning Process

                            Understanding Your Strengths

                            Understanding Multiple Intelligences

                            Understanding Multiple Inteligences to Enhance Studying and Learning

                            Understanding Learning Styles Theory

                            Wanted: A Visual Learner with Tactile Skills

                            Understanding Personality Types

CHAPTER 7        READ: Building Your Reading and Comprehension Skills

                            Is Reading Fundamental or Just Pure Torture?

                            Discovering Your Reading Style

                            I Feel the Need…The Need for Speed

                            Speed and Comprehension

                            You Don’t Have to Be a Logodaedalian to Enjoy Words

                            It’s Not Just a Doorstop

                            Learning to Read Faster and Smarter

                            Finding the Topic and Main Ideas in Paragraphs and Sections

                            SQ3R to the Rescue

                            It’s Not Over Until It’s Over

CHAPTER 8        RECORD: Cultivating Your Listening Skills and Developing a Note Taking System that Works for You

                            The Importance of Listening

                            Listening Defined

                            The Four Listening Systems

                            Listening Can Be So Hard

                            Listening for Key Words, Phrases, and Hints

                            Listening in Difficult Situations

                            Taking Effective Notes

                            Tips for Effective Note Taking

                            You’ll Be Seeing Stars

                            Three Common Note-Taking Systems

                            It’s as Simple as A, B, C–1, 2, 3

                            It’s a Split Decision

                            Going Around in Circles

                            TMI! TMI! (Too Much Information)

CHAPTER 9        UNDERSTAND: Empowering Your Memory, Studying Effectively, and Taking Tests with Confidence

                            I Forgot to Remember!

                            This Isn’t Your Daddy’s VCR

                            The Capability of Your Memory

                            Using Mnemonic Devices

                            Hakuna Matata

                            Studying in a Crunch

                            Thinking About Testing

                            Quizzing Your Instructor and Knowing Your Response Type

                            Test-Taking Strategies and Hints for Success




CHAPTER 10      PROSPER: Managing Your Money and Your Debts Wisely

                            The Overwhelming Burden of Crushing Debt

                            Practicing Discipline at the Right Time

                            Pennies from Heaven

                            Student Loans

                            Know the Score

                            B is for Budgeting

                            Living on Borrowed Money

                            The Pitfalls of Payday Loans, Car Title Loans, and Rent-to-Own Contracts

                            Small Costs Add Up!

                            Protect Yourself from Identity Theft

                            Battling the Big ‘If’s’

CHAPTER 11      PLAN: Focusing on Your Professional Career and Living Well

                            Planning for the Future

                            What Am I Going to Do for the Rest of My Life?

                            10 Baby Steps That Will Become Giant Steps Tomorrow

                            Developing Your Career Self-Study Plan

                            Help Me: I’m Undeclared

                            Workin’ 9 to 5–or Trying To

                            Writing a Powerful and Concise Cover Letter

                            Understand the Do’s and Don’ts of Memorable Resumes

                            General Tips

                            The Big Day Is Here

                            Win, Lose, or Draw, Always Say ‘Thank You’ in Writing



Editorial Reviews

"Students will think the text is talking to them personally.  It truly is all about them." --Melanie Deffendal, Delgado Community College   "This is an excellent text that addresses the changing needs of students.  Bloom’s Taxonomy will challenge students to think about why they decided to attend college and what they want to accomplish.  Moreover, the Taxonomy can be applied to other classes.  Success is linked to positive change."  --Arthur Webb, Oklahoma State University