Cottonwood Wind

August 30, 2021|
Cottonwood Wind by Teresa van Bryce


When Vancouver journalist Johanna Ross learns of her grandfather’s death, she’s devastated. But her devastation turns to confusion when she discovers he’s left his Alberta horse ranch to her in his will. Although she spent summers at the Double R as a girl, Johanna hasn’t visited for over twenty years or been on a horse since that time.

On the heels of a less-than-ideal proposal of marriage from her boyfriend, Johanna travels to Alberta to arrange for the dispersal of her inheritance. As she sorts through her grandfather’s finances and belongings, she rediscovers her childhood love of the ranch and its residents, and becomes torn between her west coast life and her grandfather’s wish for her to keep the Double R.

Her father wants her to sell the ranch and share in the proceeds, her boyfriend wants her to marry him and move to Toronto, the ranch hand and his wife want to keep the only home they’ve known for forty years, and the hostile horse trainer with the nice face wants nothing more than to have Johanna out of his sight.

But what does Johanna want?

A Heartland meets the Horse Whisperer story of one woman’s search for her own map and compass.

Title:Cottonwood Wind
Format:Kobo ebook
Published:August 30, 2021
Publisher:Handwritten Press
Appropriate for ages:All ages
ISBN - 13:9781999087234

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