Counteraction to Chemical and Biological Terrorism in East European Countries by Christophor DishovskyCounteraction to Chemical and Biological Terrorism in East European Countries by Christophor Dishovsky

Counteraction to Chemical and Biological Terrorism in East European Countries

byChristophor DishovskyEditorAlexander Pivovarov

Paperback | May 11, 2009

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The terrorist act with sarin gas in the Tokyo underground and the case with the spread of anthrax spores through the U.S. postal system stimulated the development of orga- zation of fight against terrorism on a national and global level. The goal of this wo- shop was assessment of scientific concepts and practical means for management of chemical and biological agents casualties in the area of terrorist attacks with emphasis on improving the problems and situation in Eastern European Countries. In this book are included the results of both theoretical and practical research of chemical and biological terrorism presented during the workshop. Different trends of research to fight against terrorism on both local and governmental level including some Eastern European countries are discussed. The scientific articles are grouped into those areas: - New approaches in counteraction to chemical and biological terrorism - Medical treatment and decontamination of casualties from chemical and biological agents - Diagnosis of exposure to chemical and biological agents - Development of protection against injuries from chemical and biological agents In these articles the following are emphasized: - Some aspects of national and global defense against chemical and biological terrorism - National action plans and global agreements on combating terrorism - The characteristics of the major specific injuries connected with chemical and biological terrorism - Threats of terroristic attacks - Epidemiological and clinical peculiarities, ways of diagnosing, medical tre- ment and preventive health care measures These problems are analyzed from an interdisciplinary perspective.
Title:Counteraction to Chemical and Biological Terrorism in East European CountriesFormat:PaperbackDimensions:324 pagesPublished:May 11, 2009Publisher:Springer-Verlag/Sci-Tech/TradeLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

Part 1. New Approaches in Counteraction to Chemical and Biological Terrorism.- 1. Aspects of a National Defense against Chemical and Biological Terrorism; Moore D. H.- 2. International Legal System on Combating CBRN-Terrorism; Matousek J.- 3. Counteraction to CBRN Terrorism in Switzerland; Kenzelmann M., Storch D.- 4. Basic Ways of Prevention of Chemical and Biological Terrorism on the Territory of Ukraine; Shmatkov G. et al.- 5. Preparedness against Chemical and Biological Terrorism in Turkey and Civilian-Army Collaboration; Yaren H. et al.- 6. Lead Contamination as a Factor of Environmental Terrorism: North American and European Perspective; Omelchenko A.7. The Czech National Action Plan to Combat Terrorism: Political and Legal Point of Outcome in Responding to CBRN-Terrorism; Matousek J.- 8. Military, Technical and Defence-Security Standards on Industrial Facilities Protection in Case of Terrorism and Military Attack; Orehovec Z. 9. Crisis Management in Bioterrorism Attack. Medical Approach; Paul F., Paul M. 10. Evidence of Bio-Terrorism as form and Method of Warfare; Orehovec Z., Stipetic D. 11. Ukrainian Corruption and Non-ruled Market Economy as Sources of Chemical and Biological Terrorism; Zadorsky W.- Part 2. Medical Treatment and Decontamination with Chemical and Biological Agents.- 12. Analytical Methods to Characterize the Composition of Surface Lipids Of Helophytes Exposed to Contaminated Water; Macherius A. et al.- 13. Influence of Contaminant Stress on the Surface Lipids Compositionof Some Helophytes; Shtemenko N. et al.- 14. The Plant Cuticle: a Complex Lipid Barrier between the Plant and the Environment. An Overview; Heredia A., Domiguez E.- 15. New Approaches to Treatment of Poisoning by Soman; Tonkopii V.- 16. Bioterrorism - Risk and Threat: the Misuse of Science; Ristanovic E.- 17. New Methods to Detect Sulfur Mustard (SM) and SM-Induced Skin Damage; Kehe K. et al.- 18. Infections Diseases in the Context of Terrorist Threat;Andreychyn M., Kopcha V.- 19. Disposal and Destruction Processes of Ammunition, Missiless and Explosives, which Constitute Danger when Storing; Shyman L., Ustimenko Y.- Part 3. Diagnosis of Exposure to Chemical and Biological Agents.- 20. Biomarkers of Nerve Agents Exposure; Dishovsky Ch. et al.- 21. The Dietary Grape Polyphenol Concentrate 'ENOANT' Enables Protection against Biological Agents; Zagorouiko V. et al.- 22. Blood Esterases as a Complex Biomarker for Exposure to Organophosphorus Compounds; Makhaeva G. et al.- 23. Diagnosis of Exposure to Chemical Warfare Agents: an Essential Tool to Counteract Chemical Terrorism; Noort D. et al.- 24. Assessing Chronic Exposure to Anticholinesterase Pesticides by Hair Analysis; Tsatsakis A. et al.- 25. Multidrug-Resistant Acinetobacter Baumannii: a Major Threat Worldwide; Savov E. et al.- 26. Multi-Strips Assay and Multimodal Biosensors for Environmental and Medical Monitoring of Neurotoxins; Kurochkin I. et al.- Part 4. Development of the Conrol on Protection against Chemical and Biological Agents.- 27. Development of Measures on Prevention and Liquidation of Bioterrorist Phenomena in Ukraine; Marievsky V., Doan S.- 28. Accelerated Analysis for Environment Control on Protection against Biological Agents; Nesterenko V.- 29. Counteraction to Chemical and Biological Terrorism in the Republic of Moldova. Problems and Perspectives; Mutaf V.- 30. Strategies of Preparedness Response to Biological Warfare and Bioterrorism Threats; Paul F.- 31. Antitoxic Action of A. viridans on Exotoxin, Produced by S. Aureus; Kremenchutsky G. et al.- 32. Crops Pests Negative Risk Assessment in the Steppe Zone of Ukraine; Kharitonov M., Dudka Y.- 33. Potash Branch in Ukraine as a Possible Object of Terrorism; Grin G., Semenov E.- 34. Water Antiseptic Preparations for Decontamination of Pathogenic Microorganisms; Pivovarov A. et al.- 35. Theoretical Investigation as Instrument of Irediction of Effect of Chemical Terrorism; Gryn