Cows For Kids: Amazing Animal Books

January 15, 2016|
Cows For Kids: Amazing Animal Books


Cows For Kids - Amazing Animal Books

Table of Contents
About Cows
Domestication and Husbandry
Cows in religion, traditions and folklore
British White
Red Poll
Brown Swiss
Holstein Friesians
Murray Grey
Square Meater
Ankole – Watusi
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There is nothing more refreshing than drinking a glass of fresh milk early in the morning. This Calcium rich liquid is produced by one special animal- The cow. For over centuries, people had been drinking the milk of cows more than any other animal. No wonder the cows were referred as our foster mothers!

Cows are among the most common domesticated mammals. Did you know that the 1st cow arrived in America during 1611? Surprised? What is even more astonishing is the fact that almost all families had their own cow till 1850s. Since cows are gentle animals, they could be handled easily.

Cows were domesticated not only to obtain milk. They were used for other purposes such as in meat production, as draft animals, in leather production as well as in making manure or compost.

Today, beef or the cattle meat is used in many fast foods that everybody enjoy like burgers, hamburgers, submarines and any more. There is a unique flavor as well as a fine, succulent texture in their meat which cannot be compared with any other type of meat.

Join us as we try to explore the world of cows trying to understand their different breeds, features, environmental impacts and many other exciting facts!

Title:Cows For Kids: Amazing Animal Books
Format:Kobo ebook
Published:January 15, 2016
Publisher:Mendon Cottage Books
Appropriate for ages:3 - 5
ISBN - 13:9781311450784

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