Create your own 3D games with Blender Game Engine: Like pros by Gregory Gossellin de BenicourtCreate your own 3D games with Blender Game Engine: Like pros by Gregory Gossellin de Benicourt

Create your own 3D games with Blender Game Engine: Like pros

byGregory Gossellin de Benicourt

Paperback | June 12, 2015

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About collection:

«Make professional’s techniques accessible to everybody».

Books of this collection are organized in this way: projects, recipes on which the projects are based, and sheets for beginners and those who want to increase their knowledge.

«A lot of technical books aren't read beyond the first pages because time to acquire knowledge is too important».

By trying directly to create a game, we want to make the techniques learning easier.



Self-taught persons and videogame fanatics

Parents who want to help their children to transform their videogame passion into a creative recreation.



Resources, information, scripts and books examples.



Reserved, for a long time, to a small circle of enthusiast developers, 3D is not yet commonly used by independent video games development studios (the Indies). It's for a good reason: the entrance ticket is relatively high.


With Blender 2.76 (free and Open Source), you can model, animate, create a 3D rendering and have a game engine. It is a perfect tool for the beginner and for the one that wants to create a commercial game. Blender is too a complement to tools like Unity, CryEngine, Unreal Engine and other commercial engines.


Thanks to the resources freely available to everybody on the Internet, you don't have to be graphic designer or programmer to create a game.


You don't want to read 400 pages of theory about modeling, animating and programming in python? This book was written for you. You are invited to create directly several game projects: a platform game (like Super mario), a First-person Shooter (like Doom, Far Cry or Half-Life), a Third-person RPG (like Tomb Raider, GTA or Watch Dogs), a voxel sandbox game (like Minecraft), a car race and a flight simulator. With these projects, about a hundred recipes will help you to create any type of game.


If you aren't an addict, it'll come to you sooner than you realize. It's more fun to create a game than to play with the last blockbuster. You'll be the architect of a new world, with its own rules. The only limits are the one of your imagination...


High technology enthusiast, games addict and 3D geek, the author wants to honor these games that have revolutionized this domain.

Title:Create your own 3D games with Blender Game Engine: Like prosFormat:PaperbackDimensions:356 pages, 9.69 × 7.44 × 0.97 inPublished:June 12, 2015Publisher:Editions GrazielLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

Sommaire - Foreword - create any type of game 1.Project #1: Initiation 2.Project #2: Platform games 3.Project #3: Race games 4.Project #4: other simulators 5.Project #5: Minecraft-Like 6.Project #6: First-Person Shooter 7.Project #7:Third-Person Shooter 8.Project #8: Adventure game 9.Is it possible to create any game? 10.Conclusion - landscape & decors Recipes 1.landscape Modeling 2.big landscapes 3.Skydome & Skybox 4.realistic daylight 5.simple fog 6.volumetric fog or smog 7.Animate elements of decor 8.realistic trees 9.flexible objects And the physical engine 10.Use Blender physical simulations with BGE 11.Bake a simulation or an action 12.Lake & animated normal map 13.ocean with Vertex Displacement 14.Billboards 15.randomly Place objects 16.a level based on a 3D Tileset 17.Large landscapes management 18.Open Worlds & Procedural Generation 19.picture as background AS background 21.break objects 22.Lighting effects on decor - Characters Recipes 1.Model for games 2.Animate using Shape Keys 3.Animate using an armature 4.Animate a character with Rigify 5.Animate a character using animation sequence 6.Use a Motion Capture bank 7.Model a character with Make Human 8.Add clothes and other soft bodies 9.Control the character's movements 10.Point, Click and Move 11.NPC Behavior 12.From Highpoly to Lowpoly - Game Logic Recipes 1.Create a Freeview camera 2.FPS camera 3.Display the mouse cursor 4.TPS camera 5.Interact with an object USING keyboard 6.Doors and teleporters 7.Manage the proximity sensors 8.Use counters 9.Path Following 10. Objects in contact with the ground 11.Simply animate an object 12.Generate bullets decals 13.Path Finding 14.grab an object 15.Camera Swap 16.split screen on Lan or Internet (WAN) 18.OCULUS RIFT: a step towards virtual reality - Menu Recipes 1.Create the game menu 2.Configuration menu 3.Save and load a game 4.Interface creation with Blender 5.Share the interface by creating an Addon 6.Manage an inventory 7. Display Text 8.A mouse graphic cursor - improvements and FX recipes 1.baked shadows (Lightmaps) 2.Ambient Occlusion with BGE 3.Bump and normal mapping 4. ALL textures in one 5.animated textures 6.mirror and reflexion 7.Play Videos 8.Radiosity Simulation 9.2D filters (FX) 10.Manage the LOD of a mesh11.Cathedral effect (Raylight or Godray)12.thumbnail effect 13.HDR Effect (High Dynamic Range) 14.Cartoon effect 15.Transparency and fading effects 16.Generate objects via python 17.Simulate an explosion 18.Simulate a fire 19.Simulate smoke 20.Simulate rain and snow 21.Lens Flare effect 22.Bullet Time Effect 23.Web cam 24.the game is too slow ? - Memo sheets Sheet #1: 3D and game Glossary Sheet #2: video games GENRES Sheet #3: Game & Level Design Sheet #4: Modeling with Blender Sheet #5: Logic Editor Sheet #6: Bullet physics engine Sheet #7: Basis of Python Scripting with Blender Sheet #8: GLSL shaders Sheet #9: HOW To publish Sheet #10: Resources to create a game

Editorial Reviews

Reserved, for a long time, to a small circle of enthusiast developers, 3D is not yet commonly used by independent video games development studios (the Indies). And it's for a good reason: the entrance ticket is relatively high. Create a 3D game requires a lot of knowledge because it's a multidisciplinary domain. In addition, software are mostly overpriced and development times are much longer than for 2D games. With this book, we want you to discover this vast field, with an introduction to the creation of several types of games, arcade games such as "platform" for FPS (First-Person Shooter), through adventure games or racing cars. We realize that it's difficult for a newbie to make his first game, but we hope we'll give him the motivation to increase one's knowledge with many tutorials and videos web-based. Before being a book on Blender, this is primarily a book about video games creation. Ultimately, what better use of a computer can we expect that the creation of his own universe and the possibility to see it live and grow? Limited only by imagination... Game is entertainment, but it's also a great tool for learning. The "Serious Games" and edutainment games have a great future ahead of them. The author discovered the computer through the Amstrad CPC 464 and a book "Adventure Game Writers Handbook for CPC" written by Jörg Walkowiak. For that reason, his first book is dedicated to this topic. Passionate about game development and player, he wanted to pay tribute to all those games that have revolutionized the field. With this book, the author hoped that young people can find more enjoyment in creating games than playing them. Computer engineer by training, he has created two video games that have been published in France, Germany and the United States. He hosts a blog on video game creation, with a particular attention to game engines and 3D graphics: All scripts offered in this book can be freely used in your projects whether educational or commercial respecting licenses when limitations are indicated. A mention of the author and this book would be greatly appreciated.