Creating the Innovation Culture: leveraging visionaries, dissenters, and other useful troublemakers in your organization

April 7, 2016|
Creating the Innovation Culture: leveraging visionaries, dissenters, and other useful troublemakers in your organization


Creating the Innovation Culture gives managers practical strategies and hands-on advice for encouraging and managing innovation. This may mean actually encouraging dissent, which is the source of innovation, while avoiding too much conflict, which can paralyze a workplace.
•Identifies how to encourage dissent and innovation
•Illustrates how managers can inadvertently stifle dissent
•Explains how to recognize when healthy dissent crosses into conflict
•Outlines the role of the manager as a broker of innovation and collaboration
•Shows managers how to act as 'political handlers' in getting dissenters' ideas accepted
•Includes sample dialogues and an Underground Dissent Quiz
Creating the Innovation Culture is not about suppressing conflict, but about how to surface, increase, and manage a level of healthy dissent. It's about fostering an environment where innovation occurs because of the culture, not in spite of it.
'Frances Horibe's insightful narrative is both thought-provoking and entertaining. Creating the Innovation Culture is a vital part of any library—especially for those of us who toil daily to harness and encourage creativity. In business today, innovation is everything. This book is an exploration of the delicate balance between innovation and dissidence.'
Derek Burney
President and CEO
Corel Corporation

'In this lively, well written book, Horibe helps us realize that we need to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. She wisely points out that great leaders seek out and encourage people who will challenge them and their rules. This book is full of great tips on how to be this type of leader so you, too, can help innovation flourish in your organization.'
Susan Robinson
Senior Vice President
Human Resources
Manulife Financial

'It was George Bernard Shaw who once remarked with undeniable logic that all progress has to depend on the 'unreasonable man' because they are the ones who don't adapt to the world as it is. This, of course, makes perfect sense, but only up to the point where one is faced with having to deal with the reality of it in an organization.
'Whether you're one of the dissenters, someone managing dissent, or merely an observer, there's something in Creating the Innovation Culture for everyone—an understanding of dissent and innovation, advice, new ideas, and a hint of the consequences if we don't learn to deal with those 'unreasonable men.''
David Carlson
Vice President, Americas, Quality & Customer Relations

'Creating the Innovation Culture shows us how to manage the most creative behaviour in an organization—dissent. It accurately and effectively describes why the need for dissent is so important to stimulate innovation that we must promote, support, and manage dissent if our businesses today are going to survive and flourish.'
Geoff Smith
Vice President, Business Development

'Frances Horibe illustrates her very astute understanding of the forces at play inside organizations. By challenging our zealous devotion to vision, quality, teams and alignment, she points out how our best intentions conspire to stomp out the very innovation that we are all dependent upon. She offers pragmatic solutions for how to continue to hear dissent, how to keep it in the open, get it out of the underground, and prepare the ground for innovation. This is a must-read for leaders serious about creating the conditions for innovation.'
Rod Brandvold
Vice President, Organizational Development
Cognos Inc.

'Frances Horibe has made a compelling case for leaders to encourage diversity of ideas and to embrace 'dissenters' for their organizations to be innovative and successful.'
Sol Kasimer
Chief Executive Officer

'We are on the edge of awareness that organizations have to learn how to really think, not just 'manage knowledge.' This book builds this awareness in plain, simple, and hard-hitting language.'
Dr. Min Basadur
Michael G. DeGroote School of Busines

Title:Creating the Innovation Culture: leveraging visionaries, dissenters, and other useful troublemakers in your organization
Format:Kobo ebook
Published:April 7, 2016
Publisher:VisionArts Inc
Appropriate for ages:All ages
ISBN - 13:9780994929013

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