Crowd of One: A Humorous, Complicated, Unexpected Story About Love.

December 14, 2013|
Crowd of One: A Humorous, Complicated, Unexpected Story About Love.


If Samantha (Sami) Monroe has nothing else, she has memories. Unfortunately, some of the same memories that give her comfort also complicate her life in unexpected ways. After surviving the loss of her family and being tossed aside by her fiancé, Sami leaves her home, her job, and her best friend for a destination unknown. And although she often feels alone, she never is. Sami braves her new adventure aided by a comedic angel with a sassy tongue and a lot of attitude. Along her journey she makes some surprising encounters and some shocking decisions. As she tries to let go of her past, an unraveling of lies keeps her connected to it; and the only thing more devastating than the lies may be the truth. Crowd of One is about the memories and traditions that shape who we are and who we hope to be. Sami learns the meaning of love by reading about her parent’s relationship in a diary and witnessing the life-long devotion of her maternal grandparents. Her hope to continue her family’s tradition of “true love” is brought to an end when her fiancé abruptly ends their relationship. Devastated, but determined to move on, Sami starts a new life and opens herself up to new opportunities. When a new romance blossoms, secrets from her previous relationship threaten to destroy her faith in “happily ever after.” Disappointed again, she finds herself spiraling towards a deep depression with seemingly no way out. With the help of her wayward angel, Sami comes to understand that difference between observing love and experiencing it. Crowd of One has all the components that make for a great love story, i.e., betrayal, grief, forgiveness, and love. What makes it different is that it’s laden with drama and humor. What makes it great is its poignant expression of emotions—allowing readers to be touched and entertained. Crowd of One strikingly portrays the antics and struggles one woman faces in trying to move beyond her pain and fears to accept true love. Get ready to laugh, get ready to cry, get ready to become a fan!

Title:Crowd of One: A Humorous, Complicated, Unexpected Story About Love.
Format:Kobo ebook
Published:December 14, 2013
Publisher:Pumpkin Hill Publishing
Appropriate for ages:All ages
ISBN - 13:9780984210619

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