Cry of an Osprey: 1, #1

April 14, 2019|
Cry of an Osprey: 1, #1


When Jax Vanbeerman can't be woken one morning, he's rushed to the hospital and onto life support. The 48-year-old's devastating diagnosis: stroke. Over four agonizing days, his adoring younger sister, Amelia, and his former lover, Ben Olsen, stand vigil, each buffeted by heartbreak, guilt and by memories, happy and sad, of the man who'd been the centre of their lives. Twelve years ago, Jax, openly gay and the life of every party, and Ben, a shy gay Mennonite cabinetmaker with three young children and an oppositional ex-wife, had fallen in love. After societal and personal pressures, and one unforgivable mistake forced their breakup, neither ever recovered, and they'd recently been finding their way back to each other. Ben blames himself, and realizes now that they may never get their second chance. Amelia tortures herself with thoughts of what she should have known or done to change the course of her brother's life.

Facing a potential future without Jax, Ben and Amelia must help each other accept all that will remain unsaid and find a way forward. Set against the stunning natural backdrop of Ontario Canada's Blue Mountains and Georgian Bay.

They thought they had time.

Title:Cry of an Osprey: 1, #1
Format:Kobo ebook
Published:April 14, 2019
Publisher:Angie Vancise
Appropriate for ages:All ages
ISBN - 13:9781386485254

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