Cubeo Hehénewa Religious Thought: Metaphysics of a Northwestern Amazonian People by Irving Goldman

Cubeo Hehénewa Religious Thought: Metaphysics of a Northwestern Amazonian People

byIrving Goldman, Peter Wilson, Stephen Hugh-Jones

Kobo ebook | April 21, 2004

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The societies of the Vaupés region are now among the most documented indigenous cultures of the New World, in part because they are thought to resemble earlier civilizations lost during initial colonial conflict. Here at last is the eagerly awaited publication of a posthumous work by the man widely regarded as the preeminent authority on Vaupés Amazonian societies. Cubeo Hehénewa Religious Thought will be the definitive account of the religious worldview of a significant Amazonian culture. Cubeo religious thought incorporates ideas about the nature of the cosmos, society, and human life; the individual's orientation to the world; the use of hallucinogenic substances; and a New World metaphysics. This volume was substantially completed before Irving Goldman's death, but Peter Wilson has edited it for publication, providing a thorough introduction to Goldman's work. Stephen Hugh-Jones has contributed an afterword, setting the work in the context of contemporary Vaupés ethnography.

The late Irving Goldman was professor of anthropology at Sarah Lawrence College. The last surviving student of Franz Boas, he was author of The Cubeo Indians of the Northwest Amazon, Ancient Polynesian Society, and The Mouth of Heaven.Peter Wilson is emeritus professor of anthropology at Otago University in New Zealand and author of...
Title:Cubeo Hehénewa Religious Thought: Metaphysics of a Northwestern Amazonian PeopleFormat:Kobo ebookPublished:April 21, 2004Publisher:Columbia University PressLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

Editor's Acknowledgments
Editor's Preface
Editor's Introduction
Chapter 1. Introduction
The Subject of Religion
Chapter 2. Creation and Emergence
I. Process in Creation
The Era of Kúwaiwa
Kúwaiwa: Creation and the Creation Deities
The Anacondas
The Ancients
II. Social Principles
Emergence of the Sibs
Animal Associations
Chapter 3. The Social Order
I. The Tribe
The Human Being
The Social System
The Tribe
The Ancient Moiety System
Tribal Cohesion
II. The Phratry from Without
The Expanded Tribal Organization
Formation of the Phratries
Organization of the Hehénewa
The Hehénewa Phratry as Listed by the Bahúkiwa
III. The Phratry from Within
Hierarchical Structure
Birth/Emergence Order
Seniority of Descent
Consanguine Kin Relations
Ritual Functions
Dyadic Hierarchy of Dominance/Subordination
IV. The External Role of the Phratry: The Sib
Authority and Power
The Sib
Sib Names
V. The Inner Working of the Sib
Consanguineal Kin
The Opposing Generations
The Generation of Siblings
The Community of Kinship
The Festival of Abundance (Upáiweteno)
Chapter 4. Daily Life at Ground Level
The Connubial Household
The Residential Site
The Maloca (Kenámi, Kurámi)
The Chagra
Origins of Horticulture
Myths of Horticulture
Productivity of the Garden
The River (Hyá)
Food and Nutrition
Social Relations in Food and Eating
Religious Foundations of Diet (Hava)
Hot and Cold
Purity: Fasting and Vomiting
Chapter 5. The Cosmic Order
Cosmic Realms
The Earth (Habóno; Habóno Mahékru Tükübü)
The Order of Earthly Existence
Diurnal and Seasonal Rhythms and Cycles
The Intervals of Night and Day
The Day
The Seasons
Realm of Vultures (Kavá)
Realm of the Dolphins (Mamüwühya)
Realm of the Moon
Realm of the Sun
Realm of the Stars
Realm of Kúwai
Animals and the Cubeo
The Classification of Nature
Chapter 6. The Ritual Order
I. The Order of Being
Life-Cycle Rituals
Initiation Rites
II. Analysis
III. Rituals of Training
Chapter 7. Death and Mourning
I. Dogma
The Mythology of Death
Burial (Yuaí'no)
II. Rituals
Drinking the Bones (Kwánkoro)
Burning the Masks (Tajwáino)
The Maloca
III. Instruments, Implements, and Dances
Masks (Tawü)
The Community of Spirits (Tuwaharía)
Heads of the Tawü (Hehénewa Version)
The Ensemble of Masks
The Jüdjüko and Jüdjükü
Sadness Abandoned (Chionye Jaruwaino)
Chapter 8. Shamans, Jaguars, and Thunderers
I. History
The Origin Tradition: Structural Order
Transformative Agents
The Shamanic Vision
Part II: Becoming a Payé and Curing
Master and Pupil
The Qualities of a Payé: "Seeing"
Illness and Disease
Illness, Cure, and Myth
Chapter 9. Concepts of Power
Primary Powers
Secondary Powers
Powers of Payés and Laymen
Mind and Body
The Structure of Powers
Chapter 10. Gender
Gender and Creation
Gender, Biology, and Female Identity
Gender and Ritual
The Status of Woman in Religious Thought
Gender and Social Order
The Ritual Order
Afterword Stephen Hugh-Jones

Editorial Reviews

[A] Brilliant exemplary work which brings to life Cubeo religious thought.