Cuckold Lover

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Cuckold Lover
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Juliet wasn't sure what to think. She had been married to Frederick, the next duke of Frinderly, for almost two weeks. Yet, their marriage had remained unconsummated. He had come to her chamber the first night. She had laid back like any other maid and waited for him. But, he couldn't seem to do whatever it was that men were supposed to do in those instances. There had been swearing and fumbling around in the dark. And, eventually, Frederick had stomped out of the room, slamming the door behind him.
At breakfast the next morning his only comments to her were about their plans for the day and which relatives they were required to visit. But, he hadn't bothered to come to her chamber again either. A fact that she didn't quite know what to do with.
Then, tonight at dinner, he had asked her if he might come to her chamber. As any good wife did, she had told him yes. Her maid had dressed her in a soft cotton night gown with lace trim and done her hair up in a braid.
She had left her lamp lit as she waited.
Finally, her husband had entered. But, at his side, there was another man.
"This is Carl," Frederick said, "He and I have been lovers since we were young men at University. He is fourth in line for an Earldom."
"Oh," Juliet said, rather unsure of what she was expected to say next. If Frederick and Carl were lovers, where did that leave her?
"Carl's sexuality is much more fluid than mine. He has no problems laying with a woman. Whereas, I don't seem able to. But, my duty is to produce an heir. If I fail to do so, after my death, the Dukedom will go to my brother's jackass of a brother or, even worse, his cowardly son. I know it is against all the rules of propriety, but, I would like to have Carl stand in for me if you will."
"You want Carl and me to..."
"I would be there too.," Frederick carefully added. "Enjoying Carl."

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