Cultures of the West: A History, Volume 1: To 1750 by Clifford R. BackmanCultures of the West: A History, Volume 1: To 1750 by Clifford R. Backman

Cultures of the West: A History, Volume 1: To 1750

byClifford R. Backman

Paperback | October 7, 2015

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Cultures of the West focuses on the ways in which the major ideas and passions of Western culture developed internally and how they have shaped the Greater West -- for good and for ill. Comprehensive and geographically broad in scope, such key ideas as political and economic developments,intellectual and artistic ventures, and social trends and countertrends form the central narrative of this text.
Clifford R. Backman has been a member of the History Department at Boston University since 1989. He is currently at work on a book that traces the development of toleration and interpersonal forgiveness in medieval Christianity, Judaism, and Islam.
Title:Cultures of the West: A History, Volume 1: To 1750Format:PaperbackDimensions:656 pages, 9.21 × 6.5 × 1.1 inPublished:October 7, 2015Publisher:Oxford University PressLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

1. Water and Soil, Stone and Metal: The First Civilizations, 10,000-2100 BCEThe Tigris, the Euphrates, and the Land Between the RiversEarly Mesopotamia: Kings and PriestsThe Idea of EmpireMesopotamian Life: Farms and Cities, Letters and NumbersReligion and Myth: The Great Above and Great BelowAncient Egypt, Gift of the NileLife and Rule in Old Kingdom EgyptThe Kingdom of the Dead2. Law Givers, Emperors, and Gods: The Ancient Near East, 2100-486 BCEOld BabylonMiddle Kingdom EgyptThe New Kingdom EmpireThe Indo-European ArrivalThe Age of Iron BeginsPersia and the Religion of Fire3. The People of the Covenant, 1200-350 BCEThe Bible and HistoryThe Land of CanaanDreams of a Golden AgeWomen and the LawProphets and ProphecyThe Struggle for Jewish IdentitySecond Temple Judaism4. Greeks and Persians, 2000-479 BCEThe First GreeksThe Search for Mythic Ancestors in Archaic Age GreeceColonists, Hoplites, and the Path toward CitizenshipA Cult of MasculinityCivilized Pursuits: Lyric PoetrySparta: The Militarization of the CitizenryMiletus: The Birthplace of PhilosophyAthens: Home to DemocracyThe Persian Wars5. Classical Greece and the Hellenistic World, 479-30 BCEAthens's Golden AgeThe Polis: Ritual and RestraintThe Excluded: Women, Children, and SlavesThe Invention of DramaThe Peloponnesian DisasterAdvances in Historical InquiryMedicine as Natural LawThe Flowering of PhilosophyThe Rise of Macedonia and the Conquests of Alexander the GreatThe Hellenistic WorldThe Maccabean Revolt6. Empire of the Sea: Rome, 753 BCE-212 CEAncient Italy and the Rise of RomeFrom Monarchy to RepublicThe Republic of VirtueSize MattersCan the Republic Be Saved?Rome's Golden Age: The Augustan EraThe Sea, the SeaRoman Lives and ValuesHeight of the Pax Romana: The "Five Good Emperors"7. The Rise of Christianity in a Roman World, 40 BCE-300 CEThe Vitality of Roman ReligionThe Jesus MysteryA Crisis in TraditionMinistry and MovementWhat Happened to His Disciples?Christianities EverywhereRomans in PursuitPhilosophical Foundations: Stoicism and Neoplatonism8. The Early Middle Ages, 300-750The Imperial CrisisImperial Decline: Rome's OverreachMartyrdom and EmpireA Christian Emperor and a Christian ChurchThe Rise of "New Rome": The Byzantium EmpireBarbarian Kings and WarlordsDivided Estates and KingdomsChristian PaganismChristian Monasticism9. The Expansive Realm of Islam, 30-900"Age of Ignorance": The Arabian BackgroundThe Qur'an and HistoryFrom Preacher to ConquerorConversion or Compulsion?The Islamic EmpireSunnis and Shi'aIslam and the Classical TraditionsWomen and Islam10. Reform and Renewal in the Greater West, 750-1258Two Palace CoupsThe Carolingian AscentCharlemagneImperial CoronationCarolingian CollapseThe Splintering of the CaliphateThe Reinvention of Western EuropeMediterranean CitiesThe Reinvention of the ChurchThe Reinvention of the Islamic WorldThe Call for CrusadesThe CrusadesTurkish Power and Byzantine DeclineJudaism Reformed, Renewed, and Reviled11. Worlds Brought Down, 1258-1453Late Medieval EuropeScholasticismMysticismThe Guild SystemThe Mendicant OrdersEarly Representative GovernmentThe Weakening of the PapacyNoble Privilege and Popular RebellionThe Hundred Years' WarThe PlagueThe Mongol TakeoverIn the Wake of the MongolsPersia under the Il-KhansA New Center for IslamThe Ottoman Turks12. Renaissances and Reformations, 1350-1563Rebirth or Culmination?The Political and Economic MatrixThe Renaissance AchievementChristian HumanismErasmus: Humanist Scholar and Social CriticMartin Luther: The Gift of SalvationLuther's Rebellion against the ChurchThe Reformation Goes InternationalCalvin: Protestantism as TheologyThe Godly SocietyThe Rebirth of SatireCatholic Reform and the Council of TrentThe Society of JesusWhat about the Orthodox East?13. Worlds Old and New, 1450-1700European Voyages of DiscoveryNew Continents and ProfitsConquest and EpidemicsThe Copernican DramaGalileo and the Truth of NumbersInquisition and InquiryThe Revolution BroadensThe Ethical Costs of ScienceThe Islamic Retreat from ScienceThinking about TruthNewton's Mathematical Principles14. The War of All against All, 1540-1648From the Peace of Augsburg to the Edict of Nantes: FrenchWars of ReligionStrife and Settlement in EnglandDutch Ascendancy and Spanish EclipseThe Thirty Years' WarEnemies Within: The Hunt for WitchesThe Jews of the East and WestThe Waning of the SultanateNew Centers of Intellectual and Cultural LifeWars of Religion: The Eastern FrontEconomic Change in an Atlantic World15. From Westphalia to Paris: Regimes Old and New, 1648-1750The Peace of Westphalia: 1648The Argument for TyrannyThe Social ContractAbsolute PoliticsPolice StatesSelf-Indulgence with a Purpose: The Example of VersaillesMercantilism and AbsolutismMercantilism and PovertyDomesticating Dynamism: Regulating CultureThe Control of Private LifeEngland's Separate Path: The Rise of Constitutional MonarchyOttoman AbsolutismPersian AbsolutismThe International Economy in a Mercantilist AgeThe Slave Trade and Domestic SubjugationThe Return of Uncertainty

Editorial Reviews

"Backman weaves religious and intellectual themes into the political and social history of the Greater West, creating a narrative that is thorough while still being readable. The book lays out the framework for Western history, leaving the instructor room to expand on the themes and areas ofhis or her choice. Its engaging voice is sure to keep students awake!" --Katherine Jenkins, Trident Technical College