Curing Digestion Related Stomach Problems Naturally by Dueep Jyot Singh

Curing Digestion Related Stomach Problems Naturally

byDueep Jyot Singh

Kobo ebook | October 17, 2016

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Table of Contents

Symptoms of Diarrhea
Prevention of Diarrhea
Elementary Hygiene
Natural Cures for Diarrhea
Preparing an ORS solution
Proper diet
Rice Water
Knowing more about Constipation
Liquid Intake
Dietary Changes
Oranges and Lemons
Dates and Raisins
Adverse Effect of Laxatives
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Diarrhea and constipation are one of the most common ailments known to mankind. They are definitely not restricted to just one land, one people, but for centuries, human beings have been looking for natural ways and means through which they can manage to void their bowels at regular intervals of time, and as nature intended them to do. That means they are suffering from constipation. On the other hand, they may have been going to the bathroom, a bit too often with plenty of loose motions to empty out their system. This can be the side effect of a bacterial infection in their digestive system or even due to any other reason like drugs prescribed to them by their doctor.

Both of these ailments are one of the most common digestive problems and complaints, from which about 20% people just in the USA are afflicted. You are going to find them more in children, the elderly, and in women. Twelve percent of the people globally are suffering from chronic constipation, and everyone on earth has faced this affliction one time or the other in his life, if he is a healthy human being, eating a normal healthy diet.

The same thing goes for diarrhea. Overeat, even a little bit too much, and you are going to find yourself trotting to the bathroom, every so often, because as they say in the rude colloquial slang, you are suffering from “the trots.”

It is one of the natural functions of our system to get rid of the toxic and fecal material, produced by the stomach, through our alimentation and elimination system at regular intervals. That is, of course, when nature is following its natural course of things. But sometimes it decides to go out of filter, and then you are going to suffer from either diarrhea or constipation.

The reason why so many old people suffer from constipation is because as they grow older, constipation becomes age-related, especially, with ailments, which appear with the passing of time, and with the decreasing of physical activity.

Chronic constipation is the reason why so many people keep visiting the outpatient pediatric clinics, annually, for some relief against that feeling of something sitting in the stomach, lumpy, not getting eliminated naturally in time, and even after the bowels have been voided, one does not feel that the stomach is completely empty.

Over $6.9 billion is being spent, just in the USA, for healthcare products and costs, related to just constipation alone. Then $726 million is being spent by Americans in buying over the counter laxatives.
So this book is for all those people, who have been suffering from constipation, just do not know how to get rid of it, naturally, have been overdosing themselves with laxatives, and remedies, given to them by their best friends and acquaintances, and that fellow traveler you met on the subway, going to the office this morning.

That is because the discussion on constipation is a great leveler, when you meet another fellow sufferer. Everyone has his own particular recipe and remedy, which works wonders for him. Many have their grannies or traditional cures, supposedly coming down centuries.

Well, do these cures work? Of course they do, because if they are natural treatments, they have been time-tested and time worn. And then nobody is going to look at you, and say in an aside to your fellow colleague, “My, she looks even more like a constipated cow, do not you think, poor thing, the problem is chronic, you know” spoken in a very superior and smug manner by people who are definitely not constipated…

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