Customer Culture: How FedEx and Other Great Companies Put the Customer First Every Day by Michael D. BaschCustomer Culture: How FedEx and Other Great Companies Put the Customer First Every Day by Michael D. Basch

Customer Culture: How FedEx and Other Great Companies Put the Customer First Every Day

byMichael D. Basch

Paperback | June 19, 2003

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Many people have written about creating customer-centered organizations. Michael Basch actually did it--better than anyone else. He was the co-founder of Federal Express, and the VP of Sales, Marketing and Customer Service. He built the systems, created the processes and developed the culture that made FedEx the legend it still is today in customer management and support.

CustomerCulture is about consciously building the customer-centered organization where every employee is focused on serving their customers for sustained, profitable growth over the long haul... and it is now available in paperback. The people and companies that are constantly customer-centered are the "evolutionary forces" that continue to grow and innovate in their neverending quest for finding better ways. This is the definition of "CustomerCulture." In this book, Basch shows how any organization--from a small dental practice to a multinational organization--can transform itself for the customer, and become more profitable along the way.

Endorsed by Fred Smith, principal founder and CEO of FedEx and James Barksdale, co-founder of Netscape.

MICHAEL BASCH was a founding officer of FedEx, where he spent 10 years as Senior Vice President. He was part of the explosively creative management team that took FedEx from 0 to $1 billion, as it built a company cited by Fortune as one of the decade's most well-managed companies. Basch led the teams that invented FedEx's bar code tra...
Title:Customer Culture: How FedEx and Other Great Companies Put the Customer First Every DayFormat:PaperbackDimensions:304 pages, 8.9 × 6 × 0.7 inPublished:June 19, 2003Publisher:Pearson EducationLanguage:English

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Table of Contents


1. Norval D. Glenn, Who's Who in the Family Wars: A Characterization of the Major Ideological Factions.
2. Nijole V. Benokraitis, How Family Wars Affect Us: Four Models of Family Change and Their Consequences.


3. Current Perspectives on the Family.
Conservative: Patrick F. Fagan, The Breakdown of the Family. Centrist: Jean Elshtain, Enola Aird, Amitai Etzioni, William Galston, Mary Ann Glendon, Martha Minow, and Alice Rossi, A Communitarian Position on the Family. Liberal/Feminist: Stephanie Coontz, Why We Miss the 1950s.

4. Family Values.
Conservative: James Q. Wilson, The Family-Values Debate. Centrist: Dennis Orthner, The Revolution in Family Norms. Liberal/Feminist: Arlene Skolnick and Stacey Rosencrantz, The New Crusade for the Old Family.

5. Women's and Men's Family Roles.
Conservative: George Gilder, Women Should Domesticate Men for Marriage. Centrist: Maggie Gallagher, Gender Roles: A Taboo Subject. Liberal/Feminist: Betty Carter and Joan K. Peters, Remaking Marriage and Family Roles.


6. Love and Courtship.
Conservative: Leon Kass, The End of Courtship. Centrist: Robert N. Bellah, Richard Madsen, William M. Sullivan, Ann Swidler, and Steven M. Tipton, Love and Individualism. Liberal/Feminist: Carol Tavris, Women as Love's Experts and Love's Victims.

7. Sex and Cohabitation.
Conservative: Laura Schlessinger, Stupid Cohabitation: The Ultimate Female Self-Delusion. Centrist: William J. Doherty, How Therapists Threaten Marriages. Liberal/Feminist: Andrea Martin, Why Get Married?

8. Marriage.
Conservative: Steven Flanders, The Benefits of Marriage. Centrist: Linda J. Waite, Social Science Finds: “Marriage Matters.” Liberal/Feminist: Karen R. Blaisure and Katherine R. Allen, Feminism and Marital Equality.


9. Single-Parent Families.
Conservative: Bryce Christensen, Imperiled Infants. Centrist: David Popenoe, The Carnage of Declining Marriage and Fatherhood. Liberal/Feminist: Judith Stacey, The Father Fixation.

10. Raising Children.
Conservative: Den A. Trumbull and S. DuBose Ravenel, Spare the Rod? Centrist: John P. Bartkowski and Christopher G. Ellison, Conservative vs. Mainstream Models of Childrearing in Popular Manuals. Liberal/Feminist: Murray S. Straus, Ten Myths that Perpetuate Corporal Punishment.

11. Gay and Lesbian Families.
Conservative: Lawrence F. Burtoft, Gay Parenting and the Developmental Needs of Children. Centrist: Barbara F. Okun, Gay and Lesbian Parenting. Liberal/Feminist: Thomas B. Stoddard, Why Gay People Should Seek the Right to Marry.


12. Work and Family Life.
Conservative: Family Research Council, Children's Needs and Parents' Careers. Centrist: Dana Mack, Parenting, Bureaucratic Style. Liberal/Feminist: Rosalind C. Barnett and Caryl Rivers, Ozzie and Harriet Are Dead.

13. Racial and Ethnic Diversity.
Conservative: Stephan Thernstrom and Abigail Thernstrom,Black Family Structure and Poverty. Centrist: Amitai Etzioni, Multiculturalism or One People? Liberal/Feminist: Lynet Uttal, Racial Safety and Cultural Maintenance in Childcare.

14. The Impact of Social Class.
Conservative: Carl F. Horowitz, Searching for the White Underclass. Centrist: Susan E. Mayer, What Money Can't Buy. Liberal/Feminist: Kathryn Edin and Laura Lein, Making Ends Meet.


15. Family Violence.
Conservative: Patricia Pearson, Violent Women and the Myth of Innocence. Centrist: Richard J. Gelles, Myths about Family Violence. Liberal/Feminist: Russell P. Dobash, R. Emerson Dobash, Margo Wilson, and Martin Daly, The Myth of Sexual Symmetry in Marital Violence.

16. Divorce.
Conservative: Glenn T. Stanton, Finding Fault with No-Fault Divorce. Centrist: Barbara Dafoe Whitehead, Dismantling the Divorce Culture. Liberal/Feminist: Demie Kurz, Why Women Seek Divorce.

17. Remarriage and Stepfamilies.
Conservative: William A. Heth, Why Remarriage Is Wrong. Centrist: David Blankenhom, The Stepfather as Nonfather. Liberal/Feminist: Sarah Turner, My Wife-in-Law and Me: Reflections on a Joint-Custody Stepparenting Relationship.

18. Family Policies.
Conservative: Charles Murray, What Government Must Do to Reduce Welfare. Centrist: Laura A. Wilson and Robert P. Stoker, Is Federal Welfare Reform Helping or Hurting Poor Families? Liberal/Feminist: Ruth Sidel, Abandoning Poor Families.