Cycles of Therran: Volume Two

January 15, 2018|
Cycles of Therran: Volume Two
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The war with the tainted god, Groth, is led by the master swordsman, Moreck Bladeblade, and the sorcerer Duntari. The first of the three harbingers has been destroyed, and the next one is not expected to manifest for another six months.

Moreck sets out on a simple task of traveling to the Elven Forest and checking to see if the wielder of the dague relic has been chosen. The young warrior Brannon and Azbella, a priestess of the goddess Aideth, accompany him. After arriving, he faces controversy and conflict. Imyria, the elf that befriended him on his last and only visit to the elven lands, is being hunted for treason for proclaiming that a false wielder has been chosen. He learns that the sacred tree of wisdom and source of elven magic is dying. Moreck also discovers that the dark power of the tainted god, Groth has, extended into the elven nation. His simple task turns into a struggle for survival.

Due to a letter his deceased mother had left him, Duntari chooses to go on a solitary quest to find and visit the mysterious Oracle. If he can pass through the trials set before him, he hopes to receive answers that can assist in being successful in the campaign and war with the tainted god. Duntari learns of another quest his mother had started and must find a way to summon her from the spirit world in order to complete it. On his heels is the evil group of sorcerers, the Pentad, that have found a way to eliminate his use of magic.

The unfortunate encounter with the leader of her faith leaves the high priestess Seleena no choice but to join her in the journey to Thurak, where a sacred ritual is to be performed. Her intended trek to meet up with her future mate, Moreck, has to wait. She had never left her secluded village before. She is not familiar with the people or life outside of it, though a few random strangers had come across its hidden location throughout her time span. In Thurak, she falls prey to betrayal and captivity. Her captor is determined to learn the secrets that Seleena has safeguarded and kept concealed from the outside world.

Volume Two: Beckoning of Darkness continues the riveting saga of the land of Therran, which captivates the mind and richly brings to life the stirring characters of that world.

Title:Cycles of Therran: Volume Two
Format:Kobo ebook
Published:January 15, 2018
Publisher:Xlibris US
Appropriate for ages:All ages
ISBN - 13:9781514483640

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