Damage and Fracture Mechanics: Failure Analysis of Engineering Materials and Structures by Taoufik BoukharoubaDamage and Fracture Mechanics: Failure Analysis of Engineering Materials and Structures by Taoufik Boukharouba

Damage and Fracture Mechanics: Failure Analysis of Engineering Materials and Structures

EditorTaoufik Boukharouba

Hardcover | August 12, 2009

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The proceedings of the AIQ-ICF conference is a collection of papers on recent advances in methods and approaches to Damage Control and Fracture Mechanics.Written by leading international experts in the area, this book presents new ideas in the field at the highest level and will promote technology transfer and be a key reference for researchers in industry and academia. Subjects cover the broad field of materials properties and performance, including computational approaches to engineering and modelling, materials for energy applications, nanomaterials, biomaterials/biomechanics, pipeline materials, stress corrosion cracking and hydrogen embrittlement, design and construction in joining welds, high strength steel (XI00 and higher), fracture mechanics, structural reliability, failure analysis, fatigue, environmentally assisted cracking, fracture dynamics, polymers and composites, and reinforced concrete.
Title:Damage and Fracture Mechanics: Failure Analysis of Engineering Materials and StructuresFormat:HardcoverDimensions:640 pages, 9.25 × 6.1 × 0 inPublished:August 12, 2009Publisher:Springer NetherlandsLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

Acknowledgments; Editors' Biographies; Foreword; Preamble; Determination of the Hardness of the Oxide Layers of 2017A Alloys, by Chahinez Fares, Taoufik Boukharouba, Mohamed El Amine Belouchrani, Abdelmalek Britah and Moussa Naït Abdelaziz; Effect of Non-Metallic Inclusions on Hydrogen Induced Cracking, by Mimoun Elboujdaini and Winston Revie; Defect Assessment on Pipe Transporting a Mixture of Natural Gas and Hydrogen, by Guy Pluvinage; Reliability Analysis of Low Alloy Ferritic Piping Materials, by A. Guedri, B. Merzoug, Moe Khaleel and A. Zeghloul; Experimental Characterization and Effect of the Triaxiality on the Behavior of the HDPE, by K. Hachour, R. Ferhoum, M. Aberkane, F. Zairi and M. Nait Abdelaziz; Effects of Aggressive Chemical Environments on Mechanical Behavior of Polyethylene Piping Material, by Souheila Rehab-Bekkouche, Nadjette Kiass and Kamel Chaoui; Hydrogen Embrittlement Enhanced by Plastic Deformation of Super Duplex Stainless Steel, by A. Elhoud, N. Renton and W. Deans; Hydrogen Effect on Local Fracture Emanating From Notches in Pipeline Steels, by Julien Capelle, Igor Dmytrakh, Joseph Gilgert and Guy Pluvinage; Reliability Assessment of Underground Pipelines under Active Corrosion Defects, by A. Amirat, A. Benmoussat and K. Chaoui; An Overview of the Applications of NDI/NDT in Engineering Design for Structural Integrity and Damage Tolerance in Aircraft Structures, by A.M. Abdel-Latif; Improvement in the Design of Automobile Upper Suspension Control Arms Using Aluminum Alloys, by M. Bouazara; Performances of Vehicles'Active Suspensions, by Nadhira Kheznadji Messaoud-Nacer; Damaging Influence of Cutting Tools on the Manufactured Surfaces Quality, by Idriss Amara, Embarek Ferkous and Fayçal Bentaleb; Design and Test of a Sandwich T-Joint for Naval Ships, by Lotfi Hamitouche, Mostapha Tarfaoui and Alain Vautrin; Vibroacoustic Sources Identification of Gear Mechanism Transmission, by Abbassia Derouiche, Nacer Hamzaoui and Taoufik Boukharouba; Prediction of Structural and Dynamic Behaviors of Impacted Plates, by Miloudi Abdelhamid and Neder Mahmoud; Application of Structural INTegrity Assessment Procedure to Nuclear Power Plant Component, by Nenad Gubeljak and Jozef Predan; Failure Assessment Diagrams in Structural Integrity Analysis, by Yu. G. Matvienko; Degradation and Failure of Some Polymers (Polyethylene and Polyamide) for Industrial Applications, by Boubaker Bounamous and Kamel Chaoui ; On the Structural Integrity of the Nano-PVD Coatings Applied on Cutting Tools, by Miroslav Piska, Ales Polzer, Petra Cihlarova and Dagmar Stankova; Investigation of Energy Balance in Nanocrystalline Titanium under Cyclic Loading, by O. Plekhov, O. Naimark, R.Valiev and I. Semenova; Behavior of Stainless Steel 316L under Impact Test, by M. Benachour, A. Hadjoui and F.Z. Seriari; Spall Fracture in ARMCO Iron: Structure Evolution and Spall Strength, by Oleg Naimark, Sergey Uvarov and Vladimir Oborin; Damage Modelling of Impacted Tubular Structures by Using Material Property Degradation Approach, by Mostapha Tarfaoui, Papa Birame Gning and Francis Collombet; Fracture Control for Northern Pipelines, by W.R. Tyson; The Influence of the Interface on Fracture Parameters, by L. Marsavina and T. Sadowski; Crack Propagation in the Vicinity of the Interface Between Two Elastic Materials, by Lubos Náhlík, Lucie Sestáková and Pavel Hutar; Fracture Behaviour of TiAl Intermetalics, by Ivo Dlouhý, Zdenek Chlup, Hynek Hadraba and Vladislav Kozák; Numerical and Experimental Investigations of Mixed Mode Fracture in Granite Using Four-Point-Bend Specimen, by M.R.M. Aliha, M.R. Ayatollahi and B. Kharazi; Experimental and Numerical Determination of Stress Intensity Factors of Crack in Plate with a Multiple Holes, by S. Belamri, T. Tamine and A. Nemdili; Dynamic Response of Cracked Plate Subjected to Impact Loading Using the Extended Finite Element Method (X-FEM), by R. Tiberkak, M. Bachene, B.K. Hachi, S. Rechak and M. Haboussi; On Heterogeneity of Welded Joint by Modelling of Diffusion, by L. Rehácková, J. Kalousek and J. Dobrovská; Correlation of Microstructure and Toughness of the Welded Joint of Pipeline Steel X65, by Rrahim Maksuti, Hamit Mehmeti, Hartmut Baum, Mursel Rama and Nexhat Çerkini; Effect of the Residual Fatigue Damage on the Static and Toughness Properties, by P. Cadenas, A. Amrouche, G. Mesmacque and K. Jozwiak; Influence of Fatigue Damage in Dynamic Tensile Properties of AISI 4140T Steel, by U. Sánchez-Santana, C. Rubio-González, G. Mesmacque and A. Amrouche; Low-Cycle Fatigue of Al-Mg Alloys, by M. Bournane, M. Bouazara and L. St-Georges; Damage of Glulam Beams under Cyclic Torsion: Experiments and Modelling, by Myriam Chaplain, Zahreddine Nafa and Mohamed Guenfoud; Statistical Study of Temperature Effect on Fatigue Life of Thin Welded Plates, by Abdelmadjid Merabtine, Kamel Chaoui and Zitouni Azari; Residual Stress Effect on Fatigue Crack Growth of SENT Specimen, by M. Benachour, M. Benguediab and A. Hadjoui; Analysis of Elliptical Cracks in Static and in Fatigue by Hybridization of Green's Functions, by B.K. Hachi, S. Rechak, M. Haboussi, M. Taghite, Y. Belkacemi and G. Maurice; Influence of Coating on Friction and Wear of Combustion Engine Piston Rings, by Abdelkader Guermat, Guy Monteil and Mostefa Bouchetara; Optimization Constrained of the Lifetime of the CBN 7020 During the Machining of Steel 100 Cr6, by Slimane Benchiheb and Lakhdar Boulanouar; Comparison of Simulation Methods of Pulsed Ultrasonic Fields Radiated in Isotropic Solids, by W. Djerir, T. Boutkedjirt and A. Badidi Bouda; Investigation of Ag Doping Effects on Na1.5Co2O4 Elastic Parameters, by Ibrahim Al-Suraihy, Abdellaziz Doghmane and Zahia Hadjoub; The Dynamics of Compressible Herschel-Bulkley Fluids in Die-Swell Flows, by F. Belblidia, T. Haroon and M. F. Webster; Numerical Simulation of the Behaviour of Cracks in Axisymmetric Structures by the Dual Boundary Element Method, by N. Amoura, H. Kebir, S. Rechak and J.M. Roelandt; Numerical Evaluation of Energy Release Rate for Several Crack Orientation and Position to the Bi-Material Interface Plates, by N. Kazi Tani, T. Tamine and G. Pluvinage; Numerical Simulation of the Ductile Fracture Growth Using the Boundary Element Method, by Gaëtan Hello, Hocine Kebir and Laurent Chambon; Enriched Finite Element for Modal Analysis of Cracked Plates, by M. Bachene, R. Tiberkak, S. Rechak, G. Maurice and B.K. Hachi; A new Generation of 3D Composite Materials: Advantage and Disadvantage, by Z. Aboura, K. Khellil, M.L. Benzeggagh, A. Bouden and R. Ayad; Benefit From Embedded Sensors to Study Polymeric Composite Structures, by Francis Collombet, Matthieu Mulle, Hilario-Hernandez Moreno, Redouane Zitoune, Bernard Douchin and Yves-Henri Grunevald; Effect of Temperature and Initiator on Glass Fibre/Unsaturated Polyester Composite: Cross-linking, Mechanical Properties, by Nabila Belloul, Ali Ahmed-Benyahia, Aicha Serier and Nourdine Ouali; Theoretical and Experimental Investigations of the Plane Strain Compression of Amorphous Polymers in the form of a Flat Plate, by Nourdine Ouali, Krimo Azouaoui, Ali Ahmed Benyahia and Taoufik Boukharouba; Wavelet-Based Multifractal Identification of Fracture Stages, by Djedjiga Ait Aouit and Abdeldjalil Ouahabi; Characterization of Mixed Mode Delamination Growth and Thresholds, by M. Kenane and M.L. Benzeggagh; Modification of Cellulose for an Application in the Waste Water Treatment, by Lamia Timhadjelt, Aicha Serier, Karima Boumerdassi, Mohamed Serier and Zoubir Aîssani; A Full 3D Simulation of Plastic Forming Using a Heuristic Generalised Contact Algorithm, by Tewfik Ghomari, Rezak Ayad and Nabil Talbi; A Novel Approach for Bone Remodeling after Prosthetic Implantation, by Habiba Bougherara, Václav Klika, Frantisek Marsík, Ivo A. Marík, L'Hocine Yahia; Hybrid Composite-Metal Hip Resurfacing Implant for Active Patient, by Habiba Bougherara, Marcello Papini, Michael Olsenb, Radovan Zdero, Paul Zalzal, Emil H. Schemitsch; Anisotropic and Unilateral Damage Application to Concrete, by O. Bélaidi Chabane Chaouche, N.E. Hannachi and Y. Labadi; The Behaviour of Self-Compacting Concrete Subjected to an External Sulphate Attack, by Riçal Khelifa, Xavier Brunetaud, Hocine Chabil and Muzahim Al-Mukhtar; Mixed Finite Element for Cracked Interface, by S. Bouziane, H. Bouzerd and M. Guenfoud; Three-Dimensional T-Stress to Predict the Directional Stability of Crack Propagation in a Pipeline with External Surface Crack, by M. Hadj Meliani, H.Moustabchir, A. Ghoul, S. Harriri and Z. Azari