Daniel: Believers Church Bible Commentary

December 9, 1994|
Daniel: Believers Church Bible Commentary by Paul M. Lederach


Paul M. Lederach presents the stories and dream-visions of Daniel with wisdom drawn from years of developing curriculum materials and teaching and preaching in the church. He sees in Daniel a persistent call to endurance and loyality to God, even while believers suffer for their faith, pray for deliverance, and speak truth to kings. God’s reign is ever present and moving to fullness in God's own way. Although ruling beasts may rampage for a while, God is sovereign over history and cuts their time short.

This Old Testament apocalyptic book interprets ancient history through signs and symbols. It predicts a future in which martyrs are raised to everlasting life and share in the triumph of God’s kingdom, which shall fill the whole earth.

Title:Daniel: Believers Church Bible Commentary
Format:Kobo ebook
Published:December 9, 1994
Appropriate for ages:All ages

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