Dare To Ride

April 9, 2018|
Dare To Ride


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They called me "Dare To Ride Anything" though my real name is Brad Drummond but I answered to Dare also. And I did dare to ride anything till I met Nightmare. An undefeated bucking bull on the rodeo circuit. I've won many buckles in my time, had buckle bunnies by the dozen and enjoyed every second of both. But those 3 seconds on Nightmare's back brought everything to a screeching halt when he fucked me up bad.

After I spent months in the hospital and more months in therapy and rehabilitation I was told I'd be better off hanging up my spurs and not riding in rodeo again. I was so busted up I still couldn't ride a horse a year later so I bought a ranch to raise rodeo stock. That's how I met Jenna, at the rodeo.

I'm Jenna Brockett and I raise Friesian and Gypsy Vanner horses for dressage and rodeo half time shows. Midnight Silk, or Boomer as I call him, is my best and favorite horse, a black Friesian stallion. I wasn't a buckle bunny and I didn't compete in any events, I just provided the break that everyone needed in the middle of the action.

I first saw Brad (I didn't like calling him Dare all the time) when he came to the barn after the rodeo when it was open house for the attendees. Of course my first sight of him was frozen in place as my 3 pit bulls were verbally telling him to keep away. They'd never hurt him, but they didn't know who he was. He was shocked out of his frozen state when a young child flew in to see the "horsies" and the dogs flew at him. I could see in his face that he thought they were going to tear the kid apart, and they were, with their tongues.

Little did I know that after that, the whirlwind known as Brad (Dare To Ride Anything) Drummond was going to become very much a part of my life.

Title:Dare To Ride
Format:Kobo ebook
Published:April 9, 2018
Publisher:Debbie Allen
Appropriate for ages:All ages
ISBN - 13:9781386028895

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