Dark of the Island: Island 6-17 and Honeymoon Island

August 15, 2014|
Dark of the Island: Island 6-17 and Honeymoon Island
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ISLAND 6-17 Following the footsteps of his father and his uncle before him, Bart Eckerson tries to be a dedicated cop, but with a new administration, things are different than they were. Recent radical mandates have changed the punishment for convicts. Those who commit a capital crime are now banished to one of the Pacific islands the government owns instead of being incarcerated in a prison. Bart’s beautiful newly pregnant wife, Mia, is a popular nightclub singer. His personal nightmare begins when she is stalked and threatened. Death hovers around a corner. Bart, along with his retired father and friends in the police force, attempt to protect Mia, but an unexpected tragedy entangles them all in the hotly controversial ‘Prisoner Islands.’ HONEYMOON ISLAND Lured by an ad in an obscure paper, Ella and Ryan book a two-week honeymoon “Adventure Cruise.” A river boat takes them, along with another couple, on an exploration of an uninhabited island off the coast of Costa Rica. Their mission is to evaluate and bring back a favorable report of the islandfor the purpose of future tourism. In return, they are promised an additional free week’s stay at a gorgeous luxury resort in Punta Leona. However, the island they are scheduled to explore is reputed to be haunted, and is shunned by the locals.The couple they meet to travel with is not who they anticipated, and Ella and Ryan soon find to their horror that the boat, the crew and the island are not what they bargained for.

Title:Dark of the Island: Island 6-17 and Honeymoon Island
Format:Kobo ebook
Published:August 15, 2014
Appropriate for ages:All ages

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