Debates in International Relations by Bradley ThayerDebates in International Relations by Bradley Thayer

Debates in International Relations

byBradley Thayer, Nuray Ibryamova

Paperback | February 20, 2009

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Debates in International Relations organizes writings by leading scholars and practitioners into debates on current security, economic, and global issues. Balancing how international controversies are talked about in academic literature and in the news, the diverse topics and selections in this reader broaden knowledge of international politics and facilitate critical thinking. Debates in International Relations not only covers issues of contemporary and conceptual interest but also helps students take a position on world affairs that affect their lives.

Bradley Thayer is Associate Professor in Missouri State University.   Nuray Ibryamova is Assistant Professor in Rhodes College.
Title:Debates in International RelationsFormat:PaperbackDimensions:336 pages, 9 × 6 × 0.8 inPublished:February 20, 2009Publisher:Pearson EducationLanguage:English

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Table of Contents



Chapter 1. Anarchy v. Order

Kenneth N. Waltz, Excerpt from Theory of International Politics

Alexander Wendt, “Anarchy is What States Make of It: The Social Construction of Power Politics”


Chapter 2. Realism v. Morality in Foreign Policy

George Kennan, “Morality and Foreign Policy"

Leslie H. Gelb and Justine A. Rosenthal, “The Rise of Ethics in Foreign Policy: Reaching a Values Consensus”


Chapter 3. Democratic Peace v. the Dangers of Democratization

Michael W. Doyle, “Liberalism and World Politics”

Edward D. Mansfield and Jack Snyder, “Democratization and War”


Chapter 4. American Primacy v. American Retrenchment

Bradley A. Thayer, “In Defense of Primacy”

Christopher Layne, “Impotent Power”


Chapter 5. Globalization v. Backlash

Guy Sorman, “Globalization is Making the World a Better Place
Joseph Stiglitz, “The Overselling of Globalization”





Chapter 6. End of History v. Clash of Civilizations

Francis Fukuyama, “The End of History?”

Samuel P. Huntington, “The Clash of Civilizations”


Chapter 7. Iraq: Withdraw v. Stay the Course?

Michael O’Hanlon, “Lessons of the Surge”

Andrew J. Bacevich, “Surge to Nowhere”


Chapter 8. The U.S. Is Winning the War on Terror v. The U.S. Is Losing the War on Terror

William Kristol, “Victory in Spite of All Terror”

David Cole and Jules Lobel, “Why We Are Losing the War on Terror”


Chapter 9. Confronting China v. Engaging China

Zbigniew Brzezinski, “Make Money, Not War”

John J. Mearsheimer, “Clash of the Titans”


Chapter 10. The Danger of Nuclear Weapons v. The Necessity of Nuclear Weapons

Robert  S. McNamara, “Apocalypse Soon”

Kenneth Waltz, “Peace, Stability, and Nuclear Weapons”


Chapter 11. Preventing Iran from Acquiring Nuclear Weapons v. Allowing Iran to Acquire Nuclear Weapons

S. Enders Wimbush, “The End of Deterrence: A Nuclear Iran Will Change Everything”

Barry Posen, “We Can Live with a Nuclear Iran”





Chapter 12. The U.S. Approach to Energy Security v. The European Approach to Energy Security

Daniel Yergin, Hearing on “Foreign Policy and National Security Implications of Oil Dependence”

Gawdat Bahgat, “Europe’s Energy Security: Challenges and Opportunities”


Chapter 13. The Benefits of Free Trade v. The Risks of Free Trade

Gerald P. O’Driscoll Jr. and Sara F. Cooper, “International Trade and Global Stability”

Michael Parenti, “Globalization and Democracy: Some Basics”


Chapter 14. The Benefits of International Financial Institutions v. The Need for Reform

Kenneth Rogoff, “The World Still Needs the IMF”

George Monbiot, “Don’t be Fooled by This Reform: the IMF is Still the Rich World's Viceroy”


Chapter 15. Alleviating Poverty through Aid v. Alleviating Poverty through Free Trade

Shanker Singham and Donna Hrinak, “Poverty and Globalization”

Jeffrey D. Sachs, “Letter: How Can Aid Work”





Chapter 16. NGOs v. States in the Age of Globalization

Linda Weiss, “State-Augmenting Effects of Globalization”

P.J. Simmons, “Learning to Live with NGOs”


Chapter 17. Turkey and the European Union: Exclusion v. Membership

Hans Arnold, “Political Arguments Against Turkey’s Accession to the European Union”

Adam Hug, "Turkey, Europe's Future"


Chapter 18. Support for International Criminal Court (ICC) v. Opposition to the ICC

John Bolton, “American Justice and the International Criminal Court”

Steve Crawshaw, “Why the US Needs This Court”


Chapter 19. Humanitarian Intervention v. Respect for State Boundaries

Amitai Etzioni, “Genocide Prevention in the New Global Architecture”

Mohammed Ayoob, “Humanitarian Intervention and State Sovereignty”


Chapter 20. Developed v. Developing Countries and the Challenge of Climate Change

Julianne Smith and Derek Mix, “The Transatlantic Climate Change Challenge”

Kelly Sims Gallagher, “China Needs Help with Climate Change”