Delirium: The Special Edition: The Special Edition by Lauren OliverDelirium: The Special Edition: The Special Edition by Lauren Oliver

Delirium: The Special Edition: The Special Edition

byLauren Oliver

Hardcover | August 2, 2011

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Lauren Oliver's powerful New York Times bestselling novel Delirium—the first in a dystopian trilogy—presents a world as terrifying as George Orwell's 1984 and a romance as true as Romeo & Juliet.

In an alternate United States, love has been declared a dangerous disease, and the government forces everyone who reaches eighteen to have a procedure called the Cure. Living with her aunt, uncle, and cousins in Portland, Maine, Lena Haloway is very much looking forward to being cured and living a safe, predictable life. She watched love destroy her mother and isn't about to make the same mistakes.

But with ninety-five days left until her treatment, Lena meets enigmatic Alex, a boy from the Wilds who lives under the government's radar. What will happen if they do the unthinkable and fall in love?

Delirium received starred reviews from Kirkus and School Library Journal, and was named a Best Book of the Year by USA Today, Kirkus,, YALSA, and the Chicago Public Library and was selected as one of NPR's Top 100 Best Ever Teen Novels.

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Lauren Oliver is the author of the YA bestselling novelsBefore I Fall, Panic,andVanishing Girlsand the Delirium trilogy:Delirium, Pandemonium,andRequiem, which have been translated into more than thirty languages and areNew York Timesand international bestselling novels. She is also the author of three novels for middle grade readers:T...
Title:Delirium: The Special Edition: The Special EditionFormat:HardcoverDimensions:480 pages, 8.25 × 5.5 × 1.6 inPublished:August 2, 2011Publisher:HarperCollinsLanguage:English

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Rated 5 out of 5 by from My absolute favourite series! I enjoyed the first book in the series so much, it was filled with intensity and a bond with Lena right from the beginning. I love dystopian novels and this definitely was one of the best dystopian novels I have ever read. This was the first series that I've read that I felt the urge to want the second book immediately right after I read this one. This, and the rest of the books in the series are a must read!
Date published: 2018-02-28
Rated 4 out of 5 by from Enjoyable read This book was really interesting in the beginning, though it starts slowing down towards the middle of the book. But it is definitely worth a read if you are a dystopian fan.
Date published: 2017-09-24
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Loved I really enjoyed this book, and have read all 3 books for this series. Lauren Oliver is an amazing writer. This Book had me thinking so much about love and love being a disease. I could not put the book down
Date published: 2017-08-18
Rated 5 out of 5 by from one of my favourites This book has such a unique and interesting concept and plot, and I've reread it so many times. You become so invested in the characters, and I couldn't put it down!!
Date published: 2017-05-16
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Great This book was very interesting and well written. I couldn't put it down!
Date published: 2017-04-17
Rated 4 out of 5 by from Very Cool A truly interesting concept and written really well.
Date published: 2016-11-15
Rated 3 out of 5 by from Good but wanted more Lena lives in a world where love is considered a disease and the government has worked hard to find a cure. Lena's been the good girl all her life, waiting and preparing for the day when she'll be cured. With less than a hundred days to go until she can receive her cure, she meets a boy named Alex and everything changes. I was a little hesitant going into this book even though I've been told by a lot of people that it's a good series. It ended up being a decent read but not one where I felt the need to call up a book friend and tell them they absolutely had to read this book right now. The characters, I found the main girl Lena a little annoying at times with her parroting her anti-love learnings, mostly because she shows she has the ability to think for herself but just doesn't. She comes across as close-minded and judgemental until Alex enters the picture, then the change in her seems a little too fast. Alex, I don't feel like there was enough of him. It took a while for him to really have a presence and then the book was over. It would have been interesting to see things from his POV. Hana, the best friend, was someone I found interesting. A lot more rebellious than Lena from a much more influential family, she really cared about Lena and it was a lot of fun to read scenes with her in them. The world-building, some parts I did enjoy. I liked how the author thought how much a person would change once 'cured' from love, not just with romantic relationships, but all types of love, that the procedure wasn't perfect for everyone, and that a lot of activities that caused happiness were banned. But I also had a lot of issues with the world. The government closed the US borders and city borders to keep out the uncureds and there is some downsides shown, like scheduled power outages and only the rich having cars, but it didn't seem like there was enough consequences. The writing style was something I did really enjoyed. Calling love 'Amor Deliria Nervosa' as if it really was a disease, the nursery rhymes, the book of Shhh, anti-love schooling, it showed the author put a lot of thought into how an anti-love society would operate. There were some continuity errors, nothing major, but they were there. Also, the beginning was pretty slow-paced and then when the action started picking up, it seemed almost too fast. It is an interesting concept and one I plan to follow through the rest of the trilogy.
Date published: 2013-05-08
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Amazing Look at the review on my blog: This book really made me smile. I LOVED this book. I could not put this book down or look away.I read this book through the night and did not care if I did not get any sleep.This is definitely one of my favorite distopian books next to Divergent and Insurgent by Veronica Roth. Why did I like this book so much? Well there are countless answers to that question. I liked this book so much because I really understand the society Lena lives in. When I first started this book I was like" There is no way that Lauren Olivier could make me understand that anyone who lives in this world could be brainwashes into thing love is a disease" after reading this book "This makes sense". I also loved that I love the characters in this book. I fell like I can really see, breath and touch through this Jena. I loved reading about her and I also loved to hear her thoughts and feeling through this book. I enjoyed Jena personality I enjoyed almost every aspect of her character. I enjoyed reading about Hana too. I think she is a really good friend to Lena and has a lovely personalty to read about. At first I did not like Alex but quickly became to fall in love with him once I got to know him. Alex is a very interesting character to read about awesome to read about actuly I can't really say anymore about him if I want to give away spoilers. The End had a huge cliffhanger! I also I cried a lot at the end. I have so much mixed felling for this ending so I must explain them to you. Sad because it was over and because I don't want it to end that way. Happy because I really enjoyed this book. Anger because I don't a cliffhanger and complete inching because I needed to read the next book. Overall I really loved this book one of my favorite books of the year.
Date published: 2012-06-27
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Wonderful, wonderful! Why did I take this long to actually start reading this series? Lauren Oliver is amazing writer and Delirium is nothing short of awesome. I feel like I’m finally inching my way out from under the rock I see to have been residing under. If you’re one of those people who are still under that rock, Delirium is about Lena, who lives in a world like our own, but in her world, love is a disease. This means that, at an early age, people have a “procedure” that rids them of the feelings of love, rids them of susceptibility of contamination. From the first pages I was intrigued. It was just so different from all of the other dystopian’s I had been reading. I loved the concept of love being the disease and couldn’t believe that people actually looked forward to getting the procedure done. It was hard to fall in love with the characters at first because they were so detached from these feelings, especially the older characters, but I couldn’t help but root for the younger ones, hoping that they would evade authority and the cons — even if they don’t look like cons — of the procedure. Oliver is such an amazing writer. Her words read like poetry in sections and everything was just so smooth and flowing. I loved how the “world” of Delirium was Portland, but an alternate Portland. Oliver did a good job of creating a world that was so realistic, a world that could most definitely exist — one that was easy to be fearful of. At the beginning of each chapter, Oliver includes little bits of literature from the pre-approved books that the people of Portland are to read. It was so interesting to read these little tidbits of information and see exactly how the people were being brainwashed through the literature, how literature that we read nowadays could be deemed as “cautionary tales.” I did really love Lena as a character, as well as Hana. It was hard to see what they had to live with, the world they were forced to live in, but it was nice to see some rebelling, even if it kept you on your toes as a reader. I also really loved Alex’s character and was always so happy to see his name as I was reading. Oliver made it easy to really fall in love with these characters and to hate people like the Regulators or the guards. And the twists and turns!! I don’t even want to go into detail about them — because you should most definitely read the book yourself to find out — but they will rip your heart out and leave a mess of of emotions in its place. This is a book you will not be able to put down. This was a fantastic novel and now I feel compelled to read everything Lauren Oliver has written. I’m especially glad that I had Pandemonium, the next book in this series, in my possession and could read it right away because Oliver definitely left my world shattered with her ending of Delirium. A wonderful, wonderful writer, Lauren Oliver is one to watch.
Date published: 2012-06-11
Rated 4 out of 5 by from Delirium (Delirium #1) by Lauren Oliver Title: Delirium Author: Lauren Oliver Publisher: HarperTeen Pages: 441 (Hardcover) My Rating: 4/5 stars Lauren Oliver first made her appearance in the writing industry with her spectacular debut novel, Before I Fall in spring 2010. The young adult fantasy book was an instant sell-out and quickly claimed a spot on the New York Times Bestsellers list within weeks of its release. Oliver’s highly anticipated second book, Delirium which was released in February of 2011 did not fail to impress readers, critics, and bloggers worldwide. Delirium is a dystopian book and first and foremost a love story. At eighteen years old, citizens of the United States of America must legally undergo a procedure – a “cure” – that will result in citizens being unable to love anyone ever again, whether it may be a partner, friend or family member. The main character seventeen-year-old Lena Holoway, is scheduled to have her procedure completed on September 3, in ninety-five days. Her eagerness to rid her emotion of love has consumed her mind from day one. Lena hopes to be accepted back into her family and be seen no longer as an outcast. However, all her beliefs change when she meets Alex, a smart, witty, and handsome young man. At first Lena quickly denies herself any association with Alex as all her life she has learned to keep her distance from others because the threat of the deadly disease, deliria could potentially kill her. Throughout the book, the young couple rapidly create chaos that could expose them to the government while fighting for the chance to escape the prison that has been their life for the past seventeen years. Their nail-biting journey will keep you on the edge of your seat, begging for more. Delirium will always be on your mind. Although Lena and Alex will sacrifice everything for each other, will love conquer all? Delirium is a wonderful emotional, heartbreaking love story set in a dystopian future. Be sure to watch out for the next book in the Delirium series. The release of the next book, Pandemonium is just right around the corner and should be in bookstores on February 28, 2012. View on Goodreads: View on blog:
Date published: 2012-03-14
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Amazingly Good As a lover of The Hunger Games series, i find this book to be parallel to it in the dystopian love story style it is written in. Oliver takes you on a journey that makes you fall in illegal love with a fictional character. Superb!
Date published: 2012-03-01
Rated 5 out of 5 by from What an ending! As the first book in a trilogy, this book has started right up there with many of my other favourite dystopian reads like Hunger Games, Uglies, and Divergent. While I find the protagonists of these stories less appealing, the sneak peak at the next book gives me hope that Lena will turn out to be a character I can relate to! And the ending, oh the ending! Just you wait, you'll see what I mean ;)
Date published: 2012-02-07
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Amazing. Oh Delirium. I don’t know why it took me so long to pick you up and read you. At over 400 pages, I did not think I would finish this book as quickly as I did, but I could not put it down. I was worried that all the hype would leave me disappointed, but for me, it lived up to my expectations. The writing is beautiful, and the world that Oliver has created has such depth to it. Aided in part by the chapter starters with quotes from books and lexicons in the world that Lena and Hana know, it allows the readers to get a fuller understanding of the mentality of these people – and the gravity of the situation that is only known as amor deliria nervosa. Obviously, what is a story about a love disease without an epic love story in it… and boy is this ever the epic one. Their story tears at your heartstrings and completely consumes you, making you fall in love with the star-crossed lovers. Even with the expected love story, Oliver manages to still throw in enough twists and turns to keep the reader wanting more. As much as I hate it, my mind often starts thinking ahead and tries guessing what is going to happen next (and I really don’t know why I do that because I hate spoilers) and in spite of that, I was left with my mouth open in shock more times than not. This and other reviews can be found at
Date published: 2012-01-14
Rated 5 out of 5 by from WOW AMAZING Why didn't I read this book earlier!!! Delirium was AMAZING!!! It has to be one of my favorite books. I loved everything about this novel. Lauren Oliver did not disappoint in her new trilogy. Lena is a very strong character and the romance with Alex left me breathless, because they are perfect for each other and this "world" where they have to take away a piece of love out of you is a very different concept. From beginning to end the romance, action and the characters will bring you to tears. It was developed beautifully. The writing precise that it will leave you to want more of Lauren Oliver's books! The romance was beautiful. From the first moment you meet Alex, you know that he is a great male lead. He helps Lena discover more of herself, that life doesnt always have to be about the cure. The cure is a operation that will take the delira out of your brain for you to forget, and the word love. Alex is soo Hot *swoon* that he will want you to go with him everywhere. Lena was right to follow her heart because from the first moment he saw Lena running with her friend Hana he knew he had to get to know her! I was in love after that. I think Hana is a great character because she brought out the "party" side to Lena because she was afraid to disobey the life she was told to follow. Hana has been with her since the 2nd grade, so best friends will fight, but they also will forgive. Lena is also left without her mother and now her sister who has gone through the cure. When discovering this part of Lena's family and what happens before with both of her parents, they were a happy family. Each of Oliver's characters were unique, and to apply this to a dystopian is amazing because you grow attached to them, and want to know more of what will happen next to the characters. The Invalids are supposedly bad, but from reading they are just normal people trying to survive and have the openness to love despite get a procedure to take it away! The ending left me speechless!!!!!! I was soo shocked and almost in tears at what was happening. Lauren Oliver I heard is the best at cliffhangers, including this book because its one of the ways to make us readers want more of what Lena is going to go through in the sequel. I have already been skimming the book for the most memorable parts because its soo good!! I recommend this book to everyone! Its a book you cant put down!!! After reading Delirium, now I want the next one in the series, Pandemonium (can it come out quicker!!) Pick this book up right away!!
Date published: 2012-01-12
Rated 5 out of 5 by from I cannot wait until the sequel Pandemonium! Lena is a 16 year old girl who can’t wait to get the cure from the disease called love. The government controls and monitors everything in her world. For example everything set on the intranet is written by government agencies and even digital books must be approved and licensed and for a fee one may be able to download them. The Invalids are a strong rebel force who wreck chasos onto the cured society of people. Their alleigence stands for what society should be. I love her struggle between being a cured person to being an invalid. Her thoughts ricochet in her head like a well played tennis match and you can how much she denies that she’s in love. Then when she finally realizes she is, it’s beautiful. She feels weak, and strong at the same time. Nor does she care that she could get caught. The scene where they start making out and Lena touches the contours of Alex’s back felt so real. Just imagine you have never seen a boy naked and he’s close to you, your warmth guided by his body of course you would feel lust. Lena being completely clueless loves it just as much because it finally awakens get human desires. Just as much as when Alex tells her she’s beautiful and she finally believes him made me smile. I definitely have noticed a recurring theme in most YA novels: plain Janes with low self esteem and a hunky gorgeous guy who falls in love with them. Ok maybe I get the fact that the author needs their characters to be relatable to attract readers, but really..did Lena really have to belittle herself so much? She only believes she’s beautiful when Alex says she is! I can be a bit if a feminist so this irked me to no end. Then once Lena falls in love, the date of her scheduled cure looms over her head like a grey cloud. Her friendship with Hana is just as strong any between two childhood best friends. I love Lena’s character. She show strength and leads Lena but at the same time Lena teaches Hana there’s more to their caged city life. Love between Alex, Hana, Grace and her own mother. She has learned that she’s always loved these people in her life and I couldn’t help but be proud of how much her character grew. Lena rescuing herself felt so real and I loved how Alex becomes the hero and recuses her with the help of Grace. Call me old-fashioned but I still love it when guys want to be the “prince.” True to a hero’s form, he sacrifices himself only to rescue Lena, as she escapes from the confines of Portland. And I have to admit, I actually teared when I read that. I cannot wait until the sequel Pandemonium!
Date published: 2011-12-06

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Praise for Before I Fall: “Before I Fall is smart, complex, and heartbreakingly beautiful. Lauren Oliver has written an extraordinary debut novel about what it means to live—and die.”