Deliver Us From Evil

Deliver Us From Evil

Kobo ebook | November 9, 2014

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The lust of honey, and the love of money, has destroyed countless relationships because, men want to get laid, and women want to get paid. These powerful truths can refresh your relationships and bring you joy. This book is a must-have guide to help you conquer evil.

Throughout history, the greatest men and women down to the least have fallen prey to lust. Deliver Us From Evil re-examines powerful insights from the past that reveal, why even those who appear to be the godliest, sometimes fail morally. Learn the secrets to consistently defeating sin and evil influences in your life.

We must become better equipped to combat the evil forces that bombards our lives today and continually seeks to corrupt and destroy our moral and spiritual fiber. The same tactics and strategies that Satan used on Adam and Eve, is still being used on us today.

From the beginning of creation and throughout history, some of the greatest men have fallen prey to one of the most powerful tactics and strategies of the devil. In this book, you will learn what causes great men to fall and forfeit their power, influence, and good reputation. You will also learn other eye-opening insights that will be beneficial on your journey in the Lord.

A journey back in time will reveal Satan’s simple, yet powerful, maneuvers he uses to spread his evil works throughout the earth. This book exposes his crafty devices and will empower believers to have more successful and drama-free lives.

Adam and Eve made certain critical mistakes that continue to influence our lives today. We can be delivered from evil and experience true victory if we learn the secrets of Satan’s strategies that he used on them.

In writing this book, I have come to understand, respect, and appreciate more profoundly, the awesomeness and value of a woman. I have also come to understand that if a man does not carefully choose his wife, that careless choice will end up costing him in many ways. The same is also true for a woman.

God has endowed a woman with extraordinary influential power. Although she was made to be the weaker vessel in terms of physical strength, she has the power to influence men, and influence their world in ways that no other species can. She has the power to build a man up and cause him to rise to great prominence.

Conversely, she can invade the life of a prominent man, and single-handedly strip him of all that he has worked hard and long to accomplish. The positive use of her power can bring her great honor and glory, yet the negative use of her power, can severely demean her, and bring her great shame and disgrace.

Both men and women are subject to being influenced by evil forces. Our carnal nature causes us to be susceptible to sin. Therefore, in order for us to be delivered from evil, we need the power of the Holy Spirit and the influence and guidance of the Word of God, to successfully lead us away from temptation and to deliver us from all evil.

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