Demon Lord Rising

October 1, 2019|
Demon Lord Rising
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The wisest Sages foretell that great storms announce themselves in a simple breeze, and evil—despite its savage brutality—is uncompromisingly subtle. Terrifying legends of the Demon Lord Abadon’s evil had long since passed into myth, and have been all but forgotten. None now living save three—the Wizard-King, Thargelion; the Sage Algernon; and an ancient mage long dead to the world—believe he ever existed at all.

The Demon Lord has somehow bridged the confines of his prison and has resurrected the Shadow Prince, an age-old enemy of the border kingdom of Wrenford, and imbued him with cunning and demonic power. Commanding great armies of Stygian Knights, barbarians, and monsters thought all but extinct, the Shadow Prince wreaks havoc and death throughout the lands.

The Wizard-King, Thargelion, and his most trusted adviser, the Sage Algernon, possess the foresight to prepare for this dark tide and form a small band of brave heroes to defend their world against the growing evil that threatens to consume it. Together, they take the mystical Emerald Star and its powers of protection into the wild to forge an alliance with those who would dare to remain free. While the heroes valiantly struggle to defeat the Shadow Prince, the unknown terror of Abadon waits in the darkness.

A storm unseen gathers on the horizon.

Title:Demon Lord Rising
Format:Kobo ebook
Published:October 1, 2019
Publisher:Montauk Beach Press
Appropriate for ages:All ages

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