Developments in Soil Salinity Assessment and Reclamation: Innovative Thinking and Use of Marginal Soil and Water Resources in Irrigated Agriculture by Shabbir A. ShahidDevelopments in Soil Salinity Assessment and Reclamation: Innovative Thinking and Use of Marginal Soil and Water Resources in Irrigated Agriculture by Shabbir A. Shahid

Developments in Soil Salinity Assessment and Reclamation: Innovative Thinking and Use of Marginal…

byShabbir A. ShahidEditorMahmoud A. Abdelfattah, Faisal K. Taha

Hardcover | January 14, 2013

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The papers assembled here cover topics such as technological advances in soil salinity mapping and monitoring, management and reclamation of salt-affected soils, use of marginal quality water for crop production, salt-tolerance mechanisms in plants, biosaline agriculture and agroforestry, microbiological interventions for marginal soils, opportunities and challenges in using marginal waters, and soil and water management in irrigated agriculture.

Title:Developments in Soil Salinity Assessment and Reclamation: Innovative Thinking and Use of Marginal…Format:HardcoverDimensions:808 pagesPublished:January 14, 2013Publisher:Springer-Verlag/Sci-Tech/TradeLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

Part I High-tech in Soil Salinity Mapping and Monitoring

1. Developments in Soil Salinity Assessment, Modeling, Mapping and Monitoring from Regional to Submicroscopic Scales

Shabbir A Shahid

2. Soil Salinity Modelling, Approaches and Key Issues

Jorge Batlle-Sales

3. Quantification of the Salt Content of Soils Under Different Climatic Conditions on a National Scale in South Africa

JP Nell

4. Soil Salinizaion Assessment and Monitoring at Boe Klue District, Nan Province, Northern Thailand

Rungsun Im-Erb, Kachentra Neawsuparb and Samran Sombatpanit

5. Soil Salinity Mapping Using Multi-Temporal Satellite Images in Agricultural Field of Syrdary Province of Uzbekistan

Alexander Platonov, Andrew Noble and Ramazan Kuziev

6. The New Map of Soil Salinity and Regularities in Distribution of Salt-Affected Soils in Russia

Pankova YeI, AF Novikova and A Kontoboytseva

7. Soil Salinity Mapping in the Sinai Peninsula of Egypt Using Geographic Information System and Remote Sensing Techniques

Hala M Ibrahim and Assia A El Falaky

8. Spatial Variability of Soil Salinization as Judged from the Comparison of Soil Maps and Remote Sensing Materials for Different Years in Uzbekistan

Dmitry I. Rukhovich, Polina V. Koroleva, Yekaterina V. Vil'chevskaya, Natalia V. Kalinina, Galina I Chernousenko and Svetlana V Rukhovich

9. Soil Salinity in the Central Arid Region of Iran - Esfahan Province

Mojtaba Fathi and Moslehedin Rezaei

10. Mapping the Risk of Soil Salinization Using Electromagnetic Induction and Non-Parametric Geostatistics

Houria Dakak, Aicha Benmohammadi, Brahim Soudi, Ahmed Doukaik, Mohamed Badraoui, and Abdelmjid Zouahri

11. Spatiotemporal Variability and Mapping of Groundwater Salinity in Tadla: Geostatistical Approach

Mouanis Lahlou, MM Ajerame, P Bogaert and B Bousetta

12. Spatial Analysis Using a Proportional Effect Semivariogram Model

Adel M Elprince

13. Spatial Monitoring of Soil Salinity and Prospective Conservation Study for Sinnuris District Soils, Fayoum, Egypt

Mahmoud M Shendi, Mahmoud A Abdelfattah and Ahmed Harbi

14. Geographical Distribution of Soil Salinity, Alkalinity and Calcicity within Fayoum and Tamia Districts, Fayoum Governorate, Egypt

Mahmoud Abd-ELgawad, Mahmoud M Shendi, Dalia M Sofi, HA Abdurrahman and Asmaa M Ahmed

15. Using Remotely-Sensed Soil Conductivity to Monitor Restoration Activities on Vernal Pools, Northern Great Basin, USA

Ron Reuter, Laura Dlugolecki, James Doolittle and Paul Pedone

16. Mapping and Monitoring of Salt-Affected Soils Using Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System for the Reclamation of Canal Commanded Area of Jammu, India

VK Jalali and Sanjay Arora

Part II Management and Reclamation of Salt-Affected Soils

17. Management of Saline Lands in Oman: Learning to Live with Salinity

Mushtaque Ahmed, Nazir Hussain and Salim Ali Al-Rawahy

18. Rice Production in Salt-Affected Soils of Pakistan Using Different Reclamation Techniques

M Javaid Ahmad, Muhammad Arif, Arshad Iqbal, Muhammad Khalid and Naseem Akhtar

19. Marginal-Quality Water Use as an Ameliorant for Tile-Drained Saline-Sodic Soils in a Rice-Wheat Production System

Ghulam Murtaza, Abdul Ghafoor, Muhammad Zia-ur-Rehman and Manzoor Qadir

20. Reclamation of Degraded Vertisols Under Cassava in Arid Environments of India

G Byju, RS Misra, RR Nair, M Haripriya Anand, ML Jeeva and CS Ravindran

21. Sustainable Management of Salt Affected Soils and Poor Quality Ground Waters for Enhancing Crop Production

Anand Swarup

22. Controlling Sodic Soil Erosion by Electrolytes and Polyacrylamide Application

Ahmed Al-Busaidi, Tahei Yamamoto, Yutaka Shimura, Taku Nishimura and Henintsoa Andry

23. Practical, Productive and Environment Friendly Utilization of Different Categories of Salt-Affected Soils in Arid and Semi-Arid Regions of Pakistan

Shafqat Farooq, M Akram, M Afzal, R Arshad and Farooq Azam

24. The Reclamation Effects Should be Considered for Saline Soil Criteria in Soil Classification System

Zhang Fengrong and Zheng Zhong

Part III Use of Marginal Quality Water for Crop Production

25. Use of Marginal Quality Waters for Sustainable Crop Production

Donald L Suarez

26. Distichlis Spicata - A Salt and Drought Tolerant Plant Species with Minimum Water Requirements for Sustainable Agriculture in Desert Regions and Biological Reclamation of Desert Saline Soils

Mohammad Pessarakli and Kenneth B Marcum

27. Relative Salinity Tolerance of 35 Lolium spp. Cultivars for Urban Landscape and Forage Use

Kenneth B Marcum and Mohammad Pessarakli

28. Enhances the Quality of Turfgrasses with Saline Groundwater

Ghazi Abu Rumman, Edward G. Barrett Lennard, and Timothy D. Colmer

29. Plant Response to Saline Water Irrigation in a Sicilian Vineyard

Giuseppina Crescimanno and Kenneth B Marcum

30. Yield and Growth Responses of Autochthonous Pearl Millet Ecotype (Pennisetum glaucum (L.) R. Br.) Under Saline Water Irrigation in Tunisia

Leila Radhouane

31. Use of Marginal Water for Salicornia bigelovii Torr. Planting in the United Arab Emirates

Mohammad Shahid, Abdullah A Jaradat and Nanduri K Rao

32. Performance of Chenopodium quinoa Under Salt Stress

Meryem Brakez, Salma Daoud and M Cherif Harrouni

33. Inducing Pea Plants for Conquering the Adverse Conditions of Saline Reclaimed Soils with Some Support Application

Mostafa M Rady

34. Prospects of Crop and Forage Production in Coastal Saline Soils of Bangladesh

M Shirazul Islam, M Nurul Alam Akhand and MA Razzaque Akanda

IV. Salt-Tolerance Mechanisms in Plants

35. Salt Response of Some Halophytes with Potential Interest in Reclamation of Saline Soils - Gas Exchange, Water Use Efficiency and Defense Mechanism

H-W Koyro, Salma Daoud and M Cherif Harrouni

36. Salt Response of Halophytes with Potential Interest in Food Crops and Reclamation of Saline Soils, Growth, Water Relations, Mineral Content and Anatomical Adaptations

Salma Daoud, H-W Koyro and M Cherif Harrouni

37. Biology and Physiology of Avicennia Marina in the Coastal Conditions of Southern Morocco

Naïma Tachbibi, Salma Daoud and M Cherif Harrouni

V. Biosaline Agriculture and Agroforestry for Marginal Lands

38. Integrating Agroforestry and Pastures for Soil Salinity Management in Dryland Ecosystems in Aral Sea Basin

KN Toderich, EV Shuyskaya, Faisal K Taha, Naoko Matsuo, Shoaib Ismail, DB Aralova and TF Radjabov

39. Atriplex Production under Saline Soil and Saline Irrigation Practices

Hesham Attar

40. Exploring Saline Lands Improvement through Testing Leptochloa Fusca and Sporobolus Virginicus in Egypt

Medhat M Tawfik, AT Thalooth and Nabila M Zaki

41. Improvement of Soil Quality through Agro-Forestry System for Central Plain Zone of Uttar Pradesh India

Shamim Ahmad Khan and Rizwan Khan

VI. Microbiological Interventions for Marginal Soils and Water Resources

42. Bacterial Exo-Polysaccharides: A Biological Tool for the Reclamation of Salt-Affected Soils

M Ashraf, S Hasnain and O Berge

VII. Opportunities and Challenges in Using Marginal Waters

43. Agriculture Use of Marginal Water in Egypt: Opportunities and Challenges

Mohamed S Zidan and Mohamed A Dawoud

44. Marginal Water in Agriculture and Food Crisis in Sub Sahara Africa

Balogun Olubunmi Lawrence and Etop Samuel Charles

VIII. Water Quality, Soil and Water Management in Irrigated Agriculture

45. Water Quality of Medjerda Wadi used for Irrigation Purpose (Eastern Algeria)

Imen Guasmi, Fatiha Hadji and Larbi Djabri

46. Exploring Soil Salinity Management in Entisols using Trickle Irrigation System

M. Nurul A Akhand and Basel Al Araj

47. Suitability of Surface Water from Mouillah Wadi Of Algeria for Irrigation Purposes

Fatiha Hadji, Imen Guasmi and Larbi Djabri

48. Water Use Efficiency for Leaching Saline Sodic Clayey Soils, Case Study- Tina Plain Area of Egypt

Gehan AH Sallam, Magdy R Nasralla and Magdy A Ragab

49.The Performamce of Sunflower, Turnip and Forage Corn in Uptaking Some Essential Elements and Cadmium under Wastewater Irrigation

Hamid Molahoseini and Mohammad Feizi

50. Sustainable Agriculture through Integrated Soil Fertility Management on Degraded Lands

Muhammad Aamer Maqsood, Shahid Hussain, Tariq Aziz and Muhammad Ashraf

51. Use of Conservation Tillage System in Semiarid Region to Ensure Wheat Food Security in Pakistan

Ijaz Rasool Noorka and Shabbir A Shahid

52. Effect of Salinity and Bentonite on the Characteristics of Mineral Soil and Behavior of Leguminous Plants (Vicia Faba L.)

Houcine Abdelhakim Reguieg Yssaad and Bachir Bouyadjra Amine

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