Developments in the Science and Technology of Composite Materials: ECCM3 Third European Conference on Composite Materials 20.23 March 1989 Bordeaux-France by A.r. BunsellDevelopments in the Science and Technology of Composite Materials: ECCM3 Third European Conference on Composite Materials 20.23 March 1989 Bordeaux-France by A.r. Bunsell

Developments in the Science and Technology of Composite Materials: ECCM3 Third European Conference…

EditorA.r. Bunsell, P. Lamicq, A. Massiah

Paperback | December 3, 2014

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Title:Developments in the Science and Technology of Composite Materials: ECCM3 Third European Conference…Format:PaperbackPublished:December 3, 2014Publisher:Springer NetherlandsLanguage:English

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ISBN - 10:9401069972

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Table of Contents

Sommaire Table of Contents.- Polymeres/Polymers.- "Mécanismes et cinétiques de reticulation de systèmes thermo-durcissables en présence de renfort - relations structures propriétés thermiques".- "Modified bismaleimides for carbon fibre composites".- "Enhanced bonding of fiber reinforcements to thermoset resins".- "Influence of the thickening agents and some external parameters to the formulation on the viscosimetric kinetics of the pre-impregnated polyester".- Fibres:.- "The modulus of alumina fibres containing mesopores dependence of orientation distribution".- "Statistical mechanical breakdown of single fibres and microcomposites using video microphotographie techniques".- "The strength of tungsten-cored silicon-carbide fibres and the influence of a polymer matrix".- Matrices Ceramiques/Ceramic Matr.- "Fibre reinforced alumina ceramic composites by sol-gel processing".- "Silicon carbo-nitride ceramic matrix composites by polymer pyrolysis".- "Composites à matrice céramique, nouveaux matériaux à très hautes performances".- "Interface characterization in ceramic matrix composites fabricated using FCVI techniques" NC.- "Resistance to crack growth in fibre reinforced cement: effect of fibre properties".- "Thermo-mechanical characterization of ceramic composites made of a las glass-ceramic matrix reinforced with silicon carbide (nicalon) fibers".- "Interface characterization by transmission electron microscopy and Auger electron spectroscopy in tough SiC fiber (nicalon)-SiC matrix composite with a boron nitride interphase".- Matrices Metalliques/Metal Matrix:.- "Cast fibre reinforced aluminium alloy microstructures".- "The influence of thermal cycling on the properties of Si3n4 whisker reinforced aluminium alloy composites".- "Fracture of Al-SiCw metal matrix composites".- "Physicochemical aspects of the K2ZrF6 process allowing the spontaneous infiltration of SiC (or C) preforms by liquid aluminium".- "Mechanisms for mechanical property enhancement of fibre reinforced metals using a hybrid technique".- "Powder metallurgical production of whisker reinforced magnesium".- "Vibratory orientation of short reinforcing fibers in metal matrix composites".- "Titanium matrix composites reinforced by C.V.D. filaments: a review of their thermo-mechanical capabilities".- "A comparative study of the mechanical behaviour of zinc reinforced by stainless steel filaments manufactured via two different processes".- "Creep rupture of 1100 series Al/SiC particulate MMC'S".- "Microstructural stability of fibrous composites based on magnesium-lithium alloys".- "Microstructural development and mechanical behaviour of SiC whisker-reinforced Mg-Li alloys".- "Particle reinforced magnesium alloys".- "Heat-treatment effects in ? - alumina fibre reinforced aluminium alloy 6061".- "Hot working behavior of discontinuous SiC/Al composites obtained by rheocasting".- Interfaces:.- "Etude de l'interface fibre-élasiomére dans les composites à monofilament".- "Greffage électrochimique de fonctions aminées en surface de fibres de carbone: effet sur la ténacité d'un composite carbone-époxy".- "Etude des propriétés de surface de fibres aramides par chromatographic gazeuse inverse: effet de divers traitements" NC.- "Elaboration en continu d'un dépôt mince de carbure réfractaire en surface des fibres de carbone: caractérisation de la fibre C/SiC".- "Sputter deposition of diffusion barrier coatings on SiC monofilaments for use in Ti-bascd composites".- "Sims analysis of SiC coated and uncoated nicalon fibers".- "The effect of surface treatment on the interfacial strength of corrosion resistant glass fibres in a vinylester resin".- "Effects of matrix microstructure changes after annealing on fracture properties of polypropylene/glass fibres injection molded composites".- "Compatibilité chimique entre le magnésium et les fibres de carbone".- Conception et Calcul/Design and Analysis:.- "Etude de la fissuration d'un matériau composite verre-époxyde unidirectionnel sollicité en traction".- "Design and analysis of orthotropic composite materials through a mixed mode cohesive crack simulation".- "Contact behaviours of laminated composite thin shells and a rigid ball".- "Design and analysis of statically and dynamically loaded composite sandwich panels" NC.- "Large deflection initial failure of laminated rectangular plates".- "Post-buckling of flat stiffened graphite/epoxy panels under cyclic compression".- "Finite element analysis of composite panel flutter".- "Optimising the geometry of energy absorbing composite tubes with particular reference to rail vehicle application".- "Stresses in the joint of an end fitting to a composite torque tube".- "Strength and response of composite plates containing an open hole and subjected to compressive loading".- "Design analysis of web-core composite sandwich panels" NC.- "Integrally woven sandwich-structures".- Elaboration/Processing:.- "A model for pressure bag technology" NC.- "The development and application of the multi live-feed moulding process for the production of injection mouldings containing laminated and other specific fibre orientation distributions".- "Fabrication of fiber reinforced ceramic composites".- "Processing parameters influence on the morphology and mechanical properties of sheet moulding compounds".- "The manufacture of ultra-lightweight large diameter composite pistons".- "Design of domes by use of the filament winding technique".- Comportements Mecaniques/Mechanical Properties:.- "Statistical inference about stress concentrations in fibre-matrix composites".- "A standard for interlaminar fracture testing of composites".- "Impulse and random tests for the modal parameters evaluation for a CFR panel".- "Effet des conditions d'élaboration sur le comportement mécanique, statique et dynamique de matériaux composites hautes performances à matrice thermoplastique semicristalline".- "Mechanical strength properties for anisotropic composites".- "High performance composites made of solid thermoplastic powder impregnated fiber bundles".- "Effect of fibre volume fraction on tensile fatigue behaviour of UD glass/epoxy composite".- "Matrix selection for GRP fatigue loaded structures".- Fissuration/Crack:.- "Influence of the fibre-matrix interface on the matrix crack development in carbon-epoxy cross-ply laminates".- "Analysis of thick laminates using effective moduli".- "Microfractography of carbon fibre-reinforced bismaleimides".- "Porosity in advanced composite materials: its evaluation and effects on performances".- "Matrix cracking in cross plied thermosetting and thermoplastic composites during monotonic tensile loading".- Endommagement et Fatigue/Damage and Fatigue:.- "Damage development in carbon fibre reinforced composite laminates under compressive static and fatigue loading".- "Damage tolerance of carbon fibre reinforced plastic sandwich panels".- "Static and fatigue fracture of composites in complex state of stress".- "Damage development in CFRP and its detection".- "Stiffness changes during fatigue of angle-ply glass/polyester of high quality under very large number of cycles".- "3D-fabrics for composite sandwich structures".- Fluage/Creep:.- "Non linear viscoelasticity applied for the study of durability of polymer matrix composites".- "Comportement au fluage de stratifiés polyester/verre E destinés à des applications navales".- Vieillissement/Ageing:.- "Thermal fatigue of carbon fibre/bismaleimide matrix composites".- "The influence of temperature and moisture on cross-ply cracking in CFRP in terms of matrix fracture strain and interface strength".- "Artificial ageing of fibre reinforced composite materials - three stage method".- "Aspects of the thermal degradation of PMR-15 based composites".- "The hygromechanical degradation of aramid-epoxy composites".- "Fatigue behaviour of GFRP: some considerations about interfaces".- "Systematic fretting wear and fretting fatigue studies on carbon fibre/epoxy laminates".- "Influence of moisture on the compression behaviour of composites".- "Moisture diffusion into two-phase matrix resins for fibre composites".- "Influence du vieillissement sur le comportement au perlage de tubes verre-résine".- "Moisture absorption influence on the mechanical properties of carbon/epoxy composites".- Fracture:.- "The influence of fiber bundle reinforcement on the fracture mechanical behaviour of polycarbonate and epoxy".- "Prediction of impact behaviour concerning CFRP laminates" NC.- "Trigger mechanisms in energy absorbing glasscloth-epoxy tubes".- Hybrides/Hybrids:.- "The effect of agglomeration and the residual stress state on the performance of graded particulate hybrid glass fibre composites".- "Compressive behaviour of unidirectional glass/carbon hybrid laminates".- "Fatigue of hybrid composites".- Modelisation, Singularites/Modeling:.- "An analytical investigation on the thermally induced response of composites in the absence of thermal equilibrium".- "A tentative interpretation of the CFRP mechanical characteristics based upon the fibre/matrix relations at the interface. A case study".- "Endommagement en compression et en traction autour d'un trou d'un matériau composite carbone/époxy".- "The influence of specimen geometry and test conditions on the tensile and fracture mechanics properties of GRP".- "Semi-empirical modelling of stress rupture data on glass reinforced plastics".- "A model of laminated composite plates assuring the continuity of displacements and transverse shear stresses".- "Free-edge stress singularity computation".- "Evaluation d'un nouvel élément fini pour l'analyse statique ou dynamique des plaques composites".- Cisaillement/Shear:.- "An experimental-analytical investigation of intralaminar shear properties of unidirectional CFRP".- "On the end notched flexure (ENF) test for the mode II interlaminar toughness of continous fibre reinforced composites" NC.- "Interlaminar fracture testing of carbon fibre/peek composites. Validity and applications".- Methodes Non Destructives/Non Destructive Techniques:.- "La tomodensitométrie: méthode non-destructive efficace d'observation des endommagements dans les matériaux composites" NC.- "Measuring strain in carbon fibre composite laminates using the Raman optomechanical strain gauge".- "Raman optomechanical studies on fibres and composites".- "Développement de méthodes de contrôle par émission acoustique des structures composites".- "Cure characteristic determination using microelectronic dielectric sensors".- "The use of laser moire interferometry in the study of deformation fields in composites and adhesives".- "NDE of thick GFRP composites through ultrasonic waveform detection".- Choc/Impact:.- "Inertial effects in twin skinned GRP laminates subjected to impact loading in a three point bend configuration".- "The effect of crystallinity on the impact properties of advanced thermoplastic composites".- Communication parvenue hors délai/late paper:.- "Endommagement de structures tubulaires composites sous sollicitations dynamiques".