Dictionary of Literary Words: Vocabulary Building

Dictionary of Literary Words: Vocabulary Building

Kobo ebook | July 15, 2014

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What are Literary Words

Literary words are associated with literature.
Literary words are typical of a work of literature and imaginative writing.
Literary words are used with a particular meaning, in narrative, drama, poetry and other writing in a literary manner

Flash: In general sense - to shine brightly for a few moments
Camera flashed once.
Flash: In literary sense - to show a strong emotion suddenly
Their eyes flashed with horror.

Soil: In general sense - the top layer of the earth
The soil was very fertile in the plains.
Soil: In literary sense - an area of land; a particular country
Those people are very fond of American soil.

Thunder: In general sense - (of thundercloud) to make a very loud deep sound
Sky thundered.
Thunder: In literary sense - to cry, shout, complain, or criticize etc. very noisily and irritably
People thundered against the price hike.

Important Note: Many words are used in literary sense only.

Detailed List of Literary words and their meanings are as follows:

Literary Words – A

abandon [verb]
to feel an feeling or sentiment extremely

abyss [noun]
a very deep wide crack or opening in the ground that seems to have no bottom or end

adamantine [adjective]
extremely strong, not possible to break or smash

adieu [exclamatory word]

from afar [idiom]
from a long distance away

aflame [adjective]
burning; in flames | full of dazzling lights | showing pleasure or disgrace

afterglow [noun]
the light in the sky after the sun has set | a warm feeling after a good experience; delight

ageless [adjective]
never coming to an end or growing old; everlasting

agleam [adjective]
shining strongly; full of light

aglow [adjective]
shining with color or pleasure

alas [exclamatory word]
used to show disappointment, regret or unhappiness

Albion [noun]
an ancient name for Great Britain

alight [verb]
(of a bird) to come down through the air onto the ground

amazon [noun]
a tall, well-built woman

angry [adjective]
(of the sea or the sky ) dark and stormy; tempestuous

anon [adverb]
before long

argent [adjective]
(metal) silver

arise [verb]
to wake up; to get up | (of a tall structure; manmade (tower etc.) or natural (mountain, etc.) to become noticeable progressively as you move towards it.

arrayed [adjective]
dressed in beautiful clothes

asunder [adverb]
into pieces; not together

athwart [preposition]
from one side to the other side; corner to corner | not in favor of; against to

attired [adjective]
dressed in a specific way

aureole [noun]
round flat shape of light

away with… [Idiom]
used to say that you would like to be rid of the person or thing mentioned

awestruck [adjective]
feeling extremely impressed by something

awhile [adverb]
for a moment or short time


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