DIGIPEDIA: The Basic Guide to Digital Marketing and Transformation

October 14, 2019|
DIGIPEDIA: The Basic Guide to Digital Marketing and Transformation


The technology adoption on the information highway is supersonic. Digital is perhaps at the crux of this metamorphosis as Digital Transformative best practices hold the centrestage in this decade. Understanding the Digital best practices and strategies would not only open the doors to a number of opportunities but also help understand as to how do we integrate, synergise, blend all the mixes in this concoction in the right proportion along with other factors in order to achieve the best deliverables. This book not only talks of Digital marketing but many of its advanced versions and combinations, that we see soon in the impending decade, albeit in different versions.
Whether you are an Individual, entrepreneur, media marketer, brand marketer or a student, this book will help you build your brand.
You could Scale your business regionally, nationally and globally. What’s even interesting is that you choose your audience, you choose the genre and You could also generate volumes of customers, converse with them, educate them about your product and engage them like never before.
So let’s do this journey together and see where does all this head to?
There are plenty of examples that I have cited to understand and comprehend the Digital Transformative practices better. It answers questions such as:

Imagine what the Digital world would look like ten years down the lane?
What call for a great Digital Marketing strategy?
The Role of Data and how it is going to evolve?
Would artificial intelligence change digital dynamics? Would it eliminate jobs?
What’s the secret and underlying principles to building a great digital business?
How deep-seated is Virtual Reality going to become?
The role of chatbots in the times to come?

Title:DIGIPEDIA: The Basic Guide to Digital Marketing and Transformation
Format:Kobo ebook
Published:October 14, 2019
Publisher:Notion Press
Appropriate for ages:All ages
ISBN - 13:9789353829766

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