Digital Photography: Top 100 Simplified Tips and Tricks by Rob SheppardDigital Photography: Top 100 Simplified Tips and Tricks by Rob Sheppard

Digital Photography: Top 100 Simplified Tips and Tricks

byRob Sheppard

Paperback | May 3, 2010

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Completely updated to cover the latest digital cameras and their functions

The field of digital photography is steadily becoming an increasingly popular and exciting hobby and profession. These days, just about anyone can take beautiful photographs after having learned the right techniques and gaining a solid editing know-how. This latest edition of the digital photography standard is completely updated with photos and coverage of the newest cameras and their features.

Packed with inspiring images and helpful tasks, you'll learn time-saving tips, surprising secrets, and invaluable instructions for creating stunning images with your digital camera. Indispensible techniques show you how to create better digital photos, prints, and photo projects.

  • Shares full-color screen shots and numbered, step-by-step instructions for creating gorgeous images with your digital cameras
  • Includes updated information on the latest image editing software and new cameras
  • Provides you with useful and surprising techniques that can be used to make better digital photos, prints, and photo-based projects
  • Features inspiring images and tasks that provide time-saving tips, cool secrets, and productivity tricks
  • Takes your knowledge of digital photography beyond the basics

Go beyond the basics with these tips and tricks and take your digital photo skills to the next level!

Rob Sheppard is the author/photographer of over 30 photography books, a well-known speaker and workshop leader, and is editor-atlarge for the prestigious Outdoor Photographer magazine. As author/photographer, Sheppard has written hundreds of articles about digital photography, plus books ranging from guides to photography such as the M...
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Table of Contents

1 Get Ready to Take Photos.

#1 Select Good Photo Opportunities.

#2 It Starts with Four Letters.

#3 Master Your Camera to Get Great Photos.

#4 Choose the Image File Format to Suit Your Needs.

#5 Set the Image Resolution and Compression Level.

#6 Control Your Camera’s Light Sensitivity with the ISO Setting.

#7 Improve Color with the White Balance Setting.

#8 Shoot Your Best from the Start.

#9 Pack for a Successful Shoot.

2 Consider Light More Than Illumination.

#10 Pick Good Light for Better Photos.

#11 Shoot Effectively in Bright Sun.

#12 Shoot in the Shade for Gentle Light.

#13 Take Advantage of the Golden Hour.

#14 Control Light with a Reflector.

#15 Open Up Harsh Shadows with Fill Flash.

#16 Illuminate Portraits with Window Light.

#17 Get Your Flash Off-Camera for Directional Light.

#18 Use Bounce Flash for Better Indoor Lighting.

#19 Prevent Red Eye.

3 Control Exposure.

#20 Understanding Exposure to Get the Photos You Want.

#21 Know What Meters Really Do.

#22 Know When There Is No Photo.

#23 Discover Different Exposure Modes.

#24 Choose an Appropriate Program Mode.

#25 Use the Histogram to Get the Exposure You Want.

#26 Improve Exposure with Exposure Compensation.

#27 Avoid Blown-Out Highlights.

#28 Shoot Multiple Exposures to Get More Exposure Range.

4 Control Sharpness and Depth of Field.

#29 Use a Tripod for Top Sharpness.

#30 Show Action Using a Fast Shutter Speed.

#31 Show Action Using a Slow Shutter Speed.

#32 Add Drama by Panning.

#33 Understanding Depth of Field.

#34 Control Focus Creatively with Deep Depth of Field.

#35 Create Cool Effects with Shallow Depth of Field.

#36 Understanding Focal Length.

#37 Control Perspective with Focal Length.

#38 Control Background with Focal Length and Aperture.

5 Take Better Photos.

#39 Look for Photographs, Not Subjects.

#40 Consider the Possibilities.

#41 Compose for Maximum Effect.

#42 Compose for Impact.

#43 Use the Foreground.

#44 Shoot Details to Create Interest.

#45 Bracket Your Compositions.

#46 Shoot Better by Studying EXIF Data.

#47 Take Better Photos with Patience, Practice, and Effort.

#48 Find Photos All Year and Avoid Hibernation.

6 Try Creative Photo Techniques.

#49 Focus Attention on Your Subject.

#50 Shoot Color for Dramatic Photos.

#51 Show Movement with a Neutral Density Filter.

#52 Control Color and Reflections with a Polarizer.

#53 Shoot Photos for a Panorama.

#54 Shoot Photos with a “Wow!” Factor.

#55 Shoot Scenes with Low Contrast.

#56 Shoot in All Seasons.

#57 Shoot Patterns and Shapes.

#58 Combine Flash and Ambient Light.

#59 Experiment to Create Unique Photos.

#60 Shoot at Night for Drama.

7 Organize Photos with Photoshop Elements.

#61 Import Your Photos.

#62 Sort the Good Pictures from the Bad.

#63 Create Albums to Group Your Pictures.

#64 Use Keywords to Tag Your Images.

#65 Change the Organizer Interface as Needed.

#66 Back Up Your Pictures to Protect Them.

8 Basic Image Workflow with Photoshop Elements.

#67 Learn the Best Workflow.

#68 Protect and Preserve Original Photo Files.

#69 Crop and Straighten Your Photos.

#70 Process for Strong Blacks and Whites.

#71 Adjust Midtones.

#72 Easy Color Correction.

#73 Adjust Color with Hue/Saturation.

#74 Convert RAW Files with Adobe Camera Raw.

#75 Understanding Color Space.

#76 Reveal Dark and Light Detail with Shadows/Highlights.

#77 Adjust a Selected Area.

#78 Keep Track of Your Adjustments.

9 Beyond the Basics with Photoshop Elements.

#79 Understanding Layers.

#80 Use Adjustment Layers to Gain Flexibility.

#81 Use Layer Masks to Isolate Your Changes.

#82 Combine Selections with Layer Masks.

#83 Lighten or Darken a Portion of an Image.

#84 Correct Exposure Problems.

#85 Create a Panorama.

#86 Remove Unwanted Elements with the Clone Stamp Tool.

#87 Convert Color to Black and White.

#88 Double-Process Raw for More Detail.

#89 Combine Two Exposures for a Better Tonal Range.

10 Make Photographic Prints.

#90 Understanding Color Management.

#91 Size Photos for Printing.

#92 Sharpen a Digital Image.

#93 Crop a Photo to a Specified Size.

#94 Print Your Photos.

#95 Print Multiple Photos on a Page.

#96 Order Prints Online.

#97 Create a Photo Book Online.

11 Share Your Photos.

#98 Prepare Photos for Use on the Web.

#99 Create a PDF Slide Show.

#100 Create a Video Slide Show.

#101 Create a Digital Photo Album.

#102 Create a Photo Greeting Card.

#103 Create a Photomontage.