Dinosaur's End: Dinosaur Hearts, #5

December 20, 2016|
Dinosaur's End: Dinosaur Hearts, #5
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Throughout his life, Kiri’s path was filled with trials and tribulations. In the past, he never could understand the reasons. Now as he reaches closer to his true purpose, Kiri began to understand what he was meant to be.  He understood that they were all a major part of his personal growth, meant to prepare him for the challenges to come as he carries out his true purpose in this world. The lessons he learnt had helped him understand his “heart” a lot better and the power behind that special gift. However, there was one more test yet, bigger than any of the others he had to face before this. It was called Love and it lives in the “heart” too.

Love was the real and mightiest power of the “heart”. It could bring joy and happiness but also turn into hatred and cause immense pain. In the past, his compassionate “heart” made him achieve feats and do things he never thought possible. But he has yet to taste the pain it brings, the most ultimate of all – the pain of losing someone dear. Would Kiri’s “heart” succumb to hatred and fall into the dark depths of evil? Or may he find the strength to withstand the pain and confront evil as what he really was? – the magical creature with a purpose in this world.

As Kiri struggles with loss of hope and the pain in his “heart”, he would learn that not all was lost; that there was still hope around him. Kiri have learned that unconditional Love and compassion was meant to be shared with family and friends but Love for that “special” someone, it remained forever. And even as the world around him was changing and life moved on; and times change, this Love lives on. It was among the highest forms of Love one could imagine. It is what we call True Love.

True Love may be the only thing that could save him from ever falling into evil. This was the biggest lesson in his life that he was meant to learn. True Love was the last piece of the puzzle and it exists. Kiri’s life was then complete.

Title:Dinosaur's End: Dinosaur Hearts, #5Format:Kobo ebookPublished:December 20, 2016Publisher:Z.Z. LakehouseLanguage:English

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Appropriate for ages: 9 - 12

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