Dreamless by Josephine AngeliniDreamless by Josephine Angelini


byJosephine Angelini

Paperback | April 30, 2013

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StarHearts, as fans of Josephine Angelini call themselves, will stay up all night reading Dreamless, the second book in the bestselling Starcrossed series. The saga mixes mythology, romance, action, and intrigue in a completely original way.
Dreamless continues the story of Helen Hamilton, a shy girl living on Nantucket Island whose desire for an ordinary life was thwarted when she discovered she is a Scion, a descendant of a Greek god and a mortal. Each Scion has a power, and Helen’s is the ability to travel to Hades.
Helen is determined to use her talent to stop a war amongst the gods and change her destiny, which is to live a life patterned after that of the tragic Helen of Troy. But her quest may cost her Lucas Delios, the boy she loves.

Josephine Angelini is a Massachusetts native and a graduate of New York University's Tisch School of the Arts with a major in theater and a focus on the classics. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband and three shelter cats.
Title:DreamlessFormat:PaperbackDimensions:512 pages, 8 × 5.31 × 1.15 inPublished:April 30, 2013Publisher:HarperCollinsLanguage:English

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Rated 4 out of 5 by from Loved it Reincarnation, Greek Gods and a love story that transcends time. This book was just as good as the first
Date published: 2017-03-17
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Great book The second is even better than the first! #plumreview
Date published: 2016-12-20
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Great Read This book is sooooo good, such a good read. Can't wait to get the third and last book of the series. From the mission of freeing the fates, to the battle with Ares, everything is just so exciting and so fun. We also get to meet Orion, the heir of the 2 other houses. Can you believe it?! TWO houses!!! He's such an interesting cheater to read. However, I'm still cheering for Lucas and Helen to be together. Just wish they could find out they aren't cousin soon
Date published: 2016-12-18
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Empowering Read After falling in love with the series in the first book, this novel absolutely did not disappoint. While frustrating at times, this sequel showed a main character that was fighting incredible challenges without pity for herself. She is hopeless yet determined beyond measure and her perseverance was astounding. Can't wait to devour the finale.
Date published: 2016-11-08
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Loved it! Read it in one day!!
Date published: 2013-10-06
Rated 4 out of 5 by from Way Better then the first one! Dreamless was wayyy better then the first one! I found that the start was really hard to get into and it was a little boring. Once the plot started to pick up it was better. But some events I found (only a few) were left unsolved or were just thrown in there for no reason and didn't really do much for the plot. I liked the new characters and how they were described personality wise but I think that their relationships were unrealistic with how fast they progressed.
Date published: 2013-02-20
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Perfect Amazing 2nd book! Cant wait for the 3rd to come out! This books kept me entertained and has left me anxiously waiting for the 3rd
Date published: 2012-09-17
Rated 4 out of 5 by from Fast paced sequel to Starcrossed The Good Stuff Fast paced, non stop action - where you are constantly on the edge of your seat wondering what else can happen to poor Helen Love the little lessons in greek mythology and the Iliad - done in such a fun suble way that readers won't know they are learning something (sign of a fab author in my opinion) Unique storyline Most of the characters are flawed and interesting Love how much importance is placed on the friendships between the characters Enjoy the relationship and dialogue between Helen and her father Jerry Fascinated by the idea and character of Morpheous -- me thinks I could stay with him for eternity Cover is beautiful Angelini's writing is developing beautiful - loved her descriptions of Hades & of the gods Looking forward to reading the final book in this delicious series - nothing better than greek gods & fate Excellent 2nd book in a trilogy - which as we know is a rarity Love Orion -- found him far mor intriguing than Lucas -- so if I have to pick - I say Orion all the way -- eventhough I am pretty sure in the 3rd book we will find out that Lucas isn't really related - bets anyone? The Not So Good Stuff The constant mentions of incest gross me out The beginning was a wee bit confusing for me at first, as it had been a long time since I read Starcrossed -- not really a bad thing, more my lack of brains these days, but it did affect my enjoyment of the book Characters actions make me want to smack them for being so stupid sometimes (sorry I am older and jaded LOL!) Angsty love triangle - again not a bad thing - just as a 42 yr old mom - not my bag baby (In defense of author not overly angsty and both of the boys are intriguing) Favorite Quotes/Passages "It was a frustrating afternoon. The more the two girls read, the more they were convinced that half the stuff written about Hades was written by medieval scribes on serious drugs." "Apollo fell in love with Cassandra of Troy right before the war. When she told him she wanted to remain a virgin and rejected his advances, he cursed her. A d**khead move if there was one." "How young you are!" A musical but melancholic voice came to them from somewhere inside the giant, gilded cage. "Knowing what you really want and having the confidence to say it are two of the hardest things to do in life, young princess." Who Should/Shouldn't Read Would only recommend to those who have read Starcrossed first - as you would be quite confused as to what is going on But if the premise intrigues you - grab both books and sit down and enjoy For those who enjoy mythology type stories 4 Dewey's I won this from @harperteen in one of their Twitter contests
Date published: 2012-08-14
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Sequel was Amazing I will have to say Dreamless was soo amazing!! I loved it all. Josephine Angelini's writing is addicting and after Starcrossed I knew that this will be amazing. I was soo excited to receive it that I jumped for joy!! I love the cover and everything!! It was great to be back to this world where Helen and Lucas existed. It did not disappoint, each of the characters are back and Helen is descending into the underworld to find a way to defeat the Furies. It was HOT, and I always do love Greek mythology. Helen's world is really cool and their is also a new love interest!! Josephine Angelini brings back her amazing characters in the sequel. I fell in love them all over again including the forbidden romance between Lucas and Helen. Their love was tested through this novel as the Delos family wants to separate them due to the curse and the many more things that went through Dreamless. As Starcrossed, Dreamless does not disappoint. It picks up right where we left off from Starcrossed and it really gets the reader back in the mood of what is happening. Helen takes on dangerous in a serious way by descending to the Underworld to save those she loves including Lucas and his family. She is very determined to find a way through the Underworld on her own until she meets Orion. Man these two boys are soo hard to pick from... Lucas and Orion. I instantly fell for Lucas in the first book but then Orion came into the picture and surprised me. The chemistry between both of the men was amazing! From between the new romance that was developing from Helen and Orion which is understandable because they do relate with going to the Underworld and they both want to find a way out of their curses. Orion is a great character to add to this family because he would also do anything for Helen. Orion is very HOT, and his strength is O_O I love this boy! I also loved his humor. I felt so bad for Lucas because he had to stay away from Helen through most of the book and it tore my heart apart of what Angelini was doing to him! This romance was also interesting, I look forward to more Lucas and Orion in Book #3 I loved Josephine Angelini's writing and the way she is able to change some of the characters point of views was beautiful because I love seeing what other characters are going through when all this was happening. The development of the storyline was also intertwined very well because it was very important to what Josephine is planning for the next book. The twists and turns were everyone and my emotions were along with it. I always loved Mythology but this is by far my favorite series that involves the Greek mythology. Dreamless is by far addicting and there is soo much action that is going on that will leave you wanting the next book! Be sure to start this series immediately!!
Date published: 2012-05-27

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“Compelling…Brutal…This romantic, action-packed tale will appeal to ‘Percy Jackson’ fans who are ready for more mature fare.”