Dreams and Reality (Dark Reflections #2) by Natasha Duncan-Drake

Dreams and Reality (Dark Reflections #2)

byNatasha Duncan-Drake

Kobo ebook | March 30, 2015

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Tristan Havering believes all the crazy things he experienced in an alternative dimension, real-world version of the superhero saga ‘Power Up’ were a dream brought on by concussion; he’s about to find out how terrifyingly wrong he is. Four months after the steamy, narcissistic liaison he shared with Devon, the supervillain he plays in the movies, dangerous things begin spilling over into his world, and Tristan has no choice but to believe the impossible: superheroes and supervillains are real. His only hope is Devon, mercurial and unstable, once driven completely out of his mind by his own power, but will he help Tristan a second time? Tristan has no choice but to frantically reach out and return to Devon’s crazy reality or face insanity at the whim of a power he cannot hope to control. ~50.5K words - novel length Book #1 of the series 'Me, Myself and I' is permanently free.
Title:Dreams and Reality (Dark Reflections #2)Format:Kobo ebookPublished:March 30, 2015Publisher:Wittegen PressLanguage:English

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Rated 5 out of 5 by from A fun sequel that can stand alone In the interest of full disclosure, I got a free advanced reader's copy of this book in order to review it (but I'd have bought it to read after the release date even if I hadn't). I read the first story in this series - the novelette Me, Myself and I - back when it first came out in 2012 and really enjoyed it at the time (and not just because it was well written erotica, the premise was just so much fun!). So when Natasha announced she was publishing a longer sequel I was immediately interested in Dreams and Reality. It has been long enough since reading MMI that I have forgotten many of the details, so I can reliably say that when Natasha says you don't need to have read MMI to read Dreams and Reality, it's accurate. All of the pertinent points are covered, fitting smoothly into the narrative so you never feel like you're being given a recap. I know star ratings are a very subjective thing (spend 2 minutes on TripAdvisor and that's obvious). So giving some context, 4 is my usual rating for 'I really enjoyed this book'. What takes a 4 star rating up to a 5 is re-readability, and for me Dreams and Reality has that. The main character is Tristan, an actor forced to face the fantastic reality that the imaginary world he portrays on film actually exists as an alternate dimension. Tristan succeeds as the protagonist on two fronts. The first is that in his own right Tristan is a compelling character, going through things he has already relegated to the realm of dreams and not only coping and succeeding as you'd expect of a superhero story, but having his fail-able moments as well. That right there makes him more relatable than your average superhero story protagonist. That's also what leads to the second way in which Tristan succeeds, the fan angle. Not only can you translate Tristan's experiences to imagining your favourite actor set in the reality of their fantasy-sci-fi franchise and having to cope, but you can relate as a fan put in the same situation as well. Tristan doesn't see his role as an actor in ‘Power Up’ just as a job, he knows and loves his material as well as any dedicated fan would, gives a great deal of thought to the characters and their motivations, and that all plays a role in how he engages with the people of the alternate universe. As fans it's often fun to imagine yourself in your favourite fictional world, but I think all of us know it would be harder to live it than is portrayed by Hollywood (one of my favourite bits of internal dialogue in the story is when *Mini-SPOILER* Tristan wishes he could get a training montage to speed things up). That's the thing that really makes this story for me. Not only is there a fun plot - with enough questions left to make a sequel desirable, but enough answered it can stand alone - interesting characters, and intimate scenes that serve the story rather than distracting from it, but most importantly it's immersive. Tristan is the reader's proxy in the kind of daydream so many fans often have, and for that reason Dreams and Reality is a title that will be sticking around in my library for plenty of years to come.
Date published: 2015-04-06
Rated 5 out of 5 by from awesome read I received a free copy of this novel from the author before the official release date so that I could review it. I will begin my review by saying I had not read the first book in the Dark Reflections series before I read this book but as the author says that knowledge is not essential when reading this book. The characters back-stories and all the facts you need to know are woven into the story, so that you have all the information about the universe you need without having to read an information dump or long scenes of exposition. Tristan is an actor who plays a superhero- ex-villain named Devon, when he is once again pulled into Devon’s world Tristan must come to terms with the fact that he now shares Devon’s powers. Tristan and Devon must work together to help Tristan control his powers and work with the team of superheroes Devon once fought against. They are helping each other gain control, acceptance and love when their base is attacked by a unique enemy, now they have to work together with the rest of the team to save the day. The personal relationship between Tristan and Devon is lovely, hot as hell and super sweet at the same time. While they are organically the same person but their experiences, lives and the universes they live in are so different that they both come across as two distinctly different people which they absolutely are. Tristan’s presence also helps Devon come to terms with himself and what happened to him, as well as helping him gain the trust and acceptance of the people he works with. As well as the love of the man who was once his partner. This book is excellent, I honestly read it in one sitting. The premise and story are as intriguing and unique as the characters and the disaster they face. The story and world are great and very fleshed out for so short a novel, yet nothing feels rushed or too drawn out. The characters are interesting and Tristan particularly is very relatable and believably human in his reaction to what is going on. Basically this is a short novel that is funny, engaging, hot, and entertaining. I thoroughly enjoyed this and will definitely reread it again sometime in the future. You will come to know and care about the characters and what is happening to them and really that one of the best things you can hope for in a story.
Date published: 2015-03-31