Drug to Make You Grow a Dick (gender transformation newhalf erotica)

December 9, 2015|
Drug to Make You Grow a Dick (gender transformation newhalf erotica)
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Lisa and Matt have stumbled on some strange cookies... ones that'll make Lisa sprout a dick! For some reason, Matt sure is interested in having her literally grow a pair. What lewd ideas does he have in mind for her and her new genitalia? 4131 words with gender bending, vibrators, tickling of trapped ballsacks, and a mutual blowjob! Adults only! All characters over 18.


I got on the bed and allowed him to tie my ankles to the bedposts, keeping them spread apart and tight. My arms were stretched out above my head, wrists tied securely around the bars at the top of the bed. A pillow under my head, and my bondage was complete. I was only wearing my nightshirt, having discarded my panties by the couch. My dick flopped lazily against my crotch, slowly losing its erection now that I was no longer playing with it.

"Alright, let's get this little guy nice and big again. And I've got just the thing for that."

Matt pulled out his hand, revealing a small feather, one that I remember using during sex a couple times in the past. It was soft and downy, really good for teasing the skin of sensitive parts of the body. He sat himself down in the space between my legs, then slowly brought the feather over, and stroked it across my balls.


It tickled maddeningly, but felt soooo good. I knew Matt enjoyed it when I feathered his cock and balls, but I had no idea they'd be this sensitive. He started stroking it up and down, teasing the surface of my skin with the feather's tantalizingly soft tendrils. I watched as my dick twitched to stiffness, jerking higher and higher, until it displayed its proud, curvy shape.

"Wow, you're pretty big aren't you?"

Matt poked my erect dick, bouncing it left and right with his pointer finger as he continued to feather my balls. He ran his fingers down my shaft, stimulating it with light grazes.

"Hey... you're not suppose to tell a girl that."

"Seriously, I think it's even bigger than mine. Maybe I should eat one of those cookies too. Since I'm already a guy, it might just make mine bigger too."

"You're big enough. If you make it bigger, my vagina will have to expand to fit your new size, and then it'll be too big when you go back to normal."

"Oh, good point. Let's not do that."

I felt pleasant sensations flowing through my penis as he continued his teasing strokes. Driblets of pre-cum were bubbling out from my penis head, which Matt quickly smeared across the length of my shaft, making it slippery and wet.

The feathering of my balls still felt sooooo erotically sensitive. I could just lie here all day, having my balls softly tickled while my lover caressed my penis tenderly. It was surprising how little else was necessary to fuel my arousal. Guys really had it so much easier.

"How is that? Feels good?"

"Mmmh... yeah... really good..."

I sighed, relaxing into my pillow. The soft tickles and light caresses of my shaft and ballsack just felt so amazingly comfortable. So... amazingly... comfortable...


I woke with a start. Crap, I hadn't meant to fall asleep. How long was I out for? I was still tied up in the same position, so maybe he didn't notice?

"You fell asleep."

He noticed.

"Ack... I'm sorry, it was just so comfortable... I couldn't help it."

I smiled sheepishly, trying to ease the tension.

"Right, so you need it to be less comfortable. I can arrange that."

Uh oh. Was he mad? I'd be pretty angry too if he fell asleep while I was pleasuring him, so I guess I can't blame him. But what's going to happen to me now? How was he going to make me 'less comfortable'?

Title:Drug to Make You Grow a Dick (gender transformation newhalf erotica)Format:Kobo ebookPublished:December 9, 2015Publisher:Pen PenguinLanguage:English

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