Dynamics of the Solar System: Symposium No. 81 Proceedings of the 81st Symposium of the International Astronomical Union Held in by R.L. DuncombeDynamics of the Solar System: Symposium No. 81 Proceedings of the 81st Symposium of the International Astronomical Union Held in by R.L. Duncombe

Dynamics of the Solar System: Symposium No. 81 Proceedings of the 81st Symposium of the…

EditorR.L. Duncombe

Hardcover | April 30, 1979

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Proceedings of the IAU Symposium No. 81 held at the Hydrographic Office, Tokyo, Japan, May 23-26, 1978
Title:Dynamics of the Solar System: Symposium No. 81 Proceedings of the 81st Symposium of the…Format:HardcoverDimensions:361 pagesPublished:April 30, 1979Publisher:Springer Netherlands

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Table of Contents

Present Status of Celestial Mechanics.- I. Stability, N- and 3-Body Problems, Variable Mass.- Stability of the Solar System.- Numerical Studies on the Stability of the Solar System.- Stability of Periodic Planetary-Type Orbits of the General Planar N-Body Problem.- Periodic Orbits of Arbitrary Inclinations and Eccentricities in the General 3-Body Problem.- A Note as to a Perturbation of Hill's Curves.- Les Orbites de Collision du Probléme Restreint.- Libration of Retrograde Satellite Orbits in the Circular Plane Restricted Three-Body Problem.- Topology of the Negative Energy-Manifold of the Kepler Motion.- On Non-Stationary Problems of Celestial Mechanics.- An Extension of Newton's Equation of Motion.- Effect of Perturbed Potentials on the Stability of Libration Points in the Restricted Problem.- II. Planetary and Lunar Theories.- Construction et Précision de Nouvelles Théories Planétaires.- New Approach to the Planetary Theory.- Semi-Analytical Lunar Ephemeris - The Main Problem.- The Satellite Case of the Three-Body Problem.- Formule d'Inversion de Lagrange et son Application à la Théorie des Perturbations.- A Precise Determination of Some Critical Terms in the Solar System.- Astronomical Measurements and Coordinate Conditions in Relativistic Celstial Mechanics.- III. Ephemerides, Equinox and Occultations.- The Ephemerides: Past, Present and Future.- Present Status of the Astronomical Ephemeris.- Observations of Mars 1950-1976 Compared to Ephemerides.- Ephemeris of Mars.- Where is the Equinox?.- The Rotation of the Mars Planet.- Solar System Occultation Predictions using Automated Microdensitometry Techniques.- IV. Satellites and Rings.- Review of the Theories of Motion of the Natural Satellites.- An Improvement of the Orbital Elements of Hyperion.- Theories of Resonant Satellite Pairs in Saturn's System.- The Motions of Uranus Satellites: Theory and Application.- Method of Surface of Section Applied to a Possible Capture Origin of Jupiter's Satellites.- Planetary Close Encounters: An Investigation on Temporary Satellite-Capture Phenomena.- The Rings of Saturn and Uranus.- Dynamics of Gravitating Systems of Colliding Particles in Planetary Discs.- The Rings of Planets and Cosmogony of the Solar System 203..- V. Minor Planets.- Asteroidal Motion at Commensurabilities Treated in Three Dimensions.- Recent Work on the Origin of the Kirkwood Gaps.- Evolution of Orbits in the Outer Part of the Asteroidal Belt and in the Kirkwood Gaps.- Hyperperiods, Orbital Stability, and Solution of the Problem of Kirkwood Gaps.- Secular Perturbations of Asteroids and Comets.- Three-Dimensional Distributions of Minor Planets and Comets.- The Discovery and Orbit of (2060) Chiron.- Recent Progress in the Theory of Trojan Asteroids.- A Review of Dynamical Evidence Concerning a Former Asteroidal Planet.- VI. Comets.- Empirical Data on the Origin of 'New' Comets.- The Shortage of Long-Period Comets in Elliptical Orbits.- Physical and Dynamical Evolution of Long-Period Comets.- On Some Characteristics of the Distribution of Perihelia of Long-Period Comets.- Dynamical Problems in the Preparation of the Catalogue of One-Apparition Comets.- Recent Dynamical History of the Six Short-Period Comets Discovered in 1975.- Characteris tics of Single Encounters of Long- Periodic Comets with Jupiter.- Long Propagation Periods of Residuals in the Motion of a Comet.- On the Orbit Mechanics of Cometary Dust Particles.- The Split Comets: Gravitational Interaction Between the Fragments.- On the Effect of Binary Encounters.- Some Statistics on Long-Period Comets.- Index of Names.- Index of Subjects.