Dynamics of Vortex Structures in a Stratified Rotating Fluid by Mikhail A. SokolovskiyDynamics of Vortex Structures in a Stratified Rotating Fluid by Mikhail A. Sokolovskiy

Dynamics of Vortex Structures in a Stratified Rotating Fluid

byMikhail A. Sokolovskiy, Jacques Verron

Hardcover | September 13, 2013

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This book presents an extensive analysis of the dynamics of discrete and distributed baroclinic vortices in a multi-layer fluid that characterizes the main features of the large and mesoscales dynamics of the atmosphere and the ocean. It widely covers the case of hetonic situations as well as the case of intrathermocline vortices that are familiar in oceanographic and of recognized importance for heat and mass transfers. Extensive typology of such baroclinic eddies is made and analysed with the help of theoretical development and numerical computations. As a whole it gives an overview and synthesis of all the many situations that can be encountered based on the long history of the theory of vortex motion and on many new situations. It gives a renewed insight on the extraordinary richness of vortex dynamics and open the way for new theoretical, observational and experimental advances. This volume is of interest to experts in physical oceanography, meteorology, hydrodynamics, dynamic systems, involved in theoretical, experimental and applied research and lecturers, post-graduate students, and students in these fields.
Title:Dynamics of Vortex Structures in a Stratified Rotating FluidFormat:HardcoverDimensions:382 pagesPublished:September 13, 2013Publisher:Springer-Verlag/Sci-Tech/TradeLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

1. The Introductory Chapter

1.1 Introduction

1.2 The mathematical introduction

1.2.1 The derivation of potential vortex conservation equations

1.2.2 Formal solution. Integral invariants

1.2.3 Contour dynamics method

1.2.4 Stationary axisymmetric solution

1.2.5 An approach to studying the stability of a axisymmetric two-layer vortex

1.2.6 The structure of simplest types of external field

1.2.7 A limiting case of discrete vortices

1.2.8 Phase portraits. Choreographies

1.2.9 Three-layer model equations

2. Dynamics of Discrete Vortices

2.1 Two vortices in a two-layer fluid

2.2 2Avortices in a two-layer fluid

2.2.1 The case of arbitraryA

2.2.2 CaseA= 2 Two hetons with zero total linear momentum and nonzero angular momentum Two hetons with nonzero total linear momentum and zero angular momentum Two hetons with zero total linear and angular momenta Vortex structures: warm heton-cold heton, two antihetons, two "horizontal" pairs

2.3A+ 1 vortices in a two-layer fluid

2.3.1 Vortex structures with zero total momentum at A '¥ 2 (free motion)

2.3.2 Vortex structures with zero total momentum at A '¥ 2 (motion in an external field) Analysis of static states Stationary solutions atA= 2 Analysis of optimal perturbation frequencies atA= 2 Origination of chaos atA= 2

2.3.3 The case of nonzero total momentum atA= 2 Phase portraits in trilinear coordinates Analysis of steady states Classification of motions of triangular vortex structures: trajectories of absolute motion, choreographies Analysis of weakly perturbed tripolar collinear states Regular advection near stationary configurations Chaotic advection near stationary configurations

2.4 Heton structures in a three-layer fluid

3 Dynamics of Finite-core Vortices

3.1 Studying the linear stability of a two-layer vortex

3.1.1 A vortex with a vertical axis: two circular vortex patches Heton with vertical axis "Ballistic" propagation; law of vortex domain boundary: application to deep convection in the ocean Analogy withA-symmetric structure of discrete hetons Noncompensated two-layer vortex

3.1.2 Annular two-layer vortex: four circular vortex patches Studying the stability of rings Modeling the transformations of an oceanic ring into

smaller vortex structures

3.2 The impact of finite perturbations

3.2.1 Heton with a tilted axis: two initially circular patches

3.2.2 Stationary translation hetonic V-states

3.2.3 Heton with a vertical axis: two initially elliptic vortex patches

3.3 Interaction between two hetons

3.3.1 Two hetons with vertical axes

3.3.2 Heton with a vertical axis and heton with a tilted axis

3.3.3 Two hetons with tilted axes, the case of zero total momentum

3.3.4 Two hetons with tilted axes, the case of nonzero total momentum

3.3.5 Interaction between a warm and a cold hetons

3.4 The effect of external field on heton motion

3.5 Vortex patch dynamics in a three-layer model

3.5.1 Stability study of a three-layer vortex

3.5.2 Modeling the motion of meddies Merging of two initially circular vortex patches Evolution of elliptic vortex patch On detecting lenses on oceanic surface On the effect of bottom topography on the motion of lenses Dynamics of medies in the flow over submerged hills

3.5.3 Examples of interaction between three-layer vortices

4 The Concluding Chapter

4.1 Concluding remarks

4.2 Outlook to heton problems

4.3 Discussion

Appendix A. E.J. Hopfinger. Experimental study of hetons

Appendix B. M.A. Sokolovskiy. In memory of my Teacher