Dyslexia: Understanding the Dyslexic Brain of a Child or Adult

August 22, 2019|
Dyslexia: Understanding the Dyslexic Brain of a Child or Adult


Dyslexia is a way for the brain to channel words, symbols and letters into discernible thougths. It's not just a disorder or handicap, something that teachers will be disappointed at and parents will be worried about. Over the years, all the dyslexic people I have met in my life, have a knack for something other than reading and writing. They are good at construction, computer software, creative thinking, or something technical. These skills, however necessary, are often overlooked when teachers and educators push kids into what they think forms the sole basis for their success in life: Literacy.

Now, don't get me wrong, reading and writing matter. They make a difference, and it's harder to do certain things when the process of learning it is slower, but I think that this book can enlighten anyone who is looking for:

- The strengths that come with a dyslexic brain.
- The definition and symptoms, so you know how to recognize it.
- Ways to work around the forceful writing skills many people don't use as much anymore anyway.
- Methods to help children understand themselves, accept their quirks, and find their hidden talents.
- Brain and cerebral studies that explain the difference between brains of "regular" people and dyslexic ones.
- Interesting anecdotes about how to read faster, overcome dyslexia, or make the process of acquiring reading skills less frustrating.
- And so much more!

Chances are that you might know someone who is dyslexic. Or perhaps you are just wondering about it. I encourage you to pick up this comparatively cheap book and educate yourself to improve your comprehension of what dyslexia really is and what to do with it.

Title:Dyslexia: Understanding the Dyslexic Brain of a Child or Adult
Format:Kobo ebook
Published:August 22, 2019
Publisher:Self Publisher
Appropriate for ages:All ages
ISBN - 13:9788834173831

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