Echoes from the Cave: Philosophical Conversations since Plato by Lisa GannettEchoes from the Cave: Philosophical Conversations since Plato by Lisa Gannett

Echoes from the Cave: Philosophical Conversations since Plato

byLisa Gannett

Paperback | July 18, 2013

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a href=""img src="/images/hed/closer_look_btn.gif"/aIdeal for introductory philosophy courses that take a topical, problem-oriented approach, this anthology offers an in-depth exploration of the five main branches of philosophy-metaphysics, epistemology, morality, politics, and aesthetics. Considerations of these branches are anchored by readingsfrom Plato and expanded through thoughtfully edited historical and contemporary pieces by a wide range of thinkers, inviting students to become active participants in the philosophical tradition.
Lisa Gannett is an associate professor in the Department of Philosophy at Saint Mary's University in Halifax. She received her Ph.D. in philosophy from the University of Western Ontario in 1998.
Title:Echoes from the Cave: Philosophical Conversations since PlatoFormat:PaperbackDimensions:632 pages, 10 × 8 × 0.78 inPublished:July 18, 2013Publisher:Oxford University PressLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

Note: Each chapter includes:- Introduction- Film NotesPart One: The RealPlato: Cave AllegoryPersonal IdentityJohn Locke: Of Identity and DiversityOliver Sacks: The Lost MarinerDerek Parfit: Personal IdentityMarya Schechtman: The Same and the Same: Two Views of Psychological ContinuitySimone de Beauvoir: Introduction to The Second SexThomas King: You're Not the Indian I Had in MindFreedom and DeterminismBaron d'Holbach: Of the System of Man's Free AgencyDavid Hume: Of Liberty and NecessityImmanuel Kant: The Antimony of Pure ReasonMoritz Schlick: When Is a Man Responsible?Harry G. Frankfurt: Alternate Possibilities and Moral ResponsibilityMarcia Baron: Crime, Genes, and ResponsibilityNatural and Social KindsJohn Locke: Of WordsHilary Putnam: Meaning and ReferenceJohn Dupre: Natural Kinds and Biological TaxaIan Hacking: Madness: Biological or Constructed?Sally Haslanger: Gender and Race: (What) Are They? (What) Do We Want Them to Be?Michel Foucault: Preface to The Order of ThingsPart Two: The TruePlato: From MenoKnowledge of the External WorldRene Descartes: From Meditations on First PhilosophyGeorge Berkeley: From Three Dialogues between Hylas and Philonous, in Opposition to Skeptics and AtheistsDavid Hume: From Enquiry Concerning Human UnderstandingImmanuel Kant: From Prolegomena to Any Future MetaphysicsNelson Goodman: Words, Works, WorldsAnjan Chakravartty: Realism and Anti-Realism; Metaphysics and EmpiricismKnowledge of the MindMaurice Merleau-Ponty: The Experience of the Body and Classical PsychologyLudwig Wittgenstein: From Philosophical InvestigationsTroy Jollimore: The SolipsistJ. J. C. Smart: Sensations and Brain ProcessesHilary Putnam: The Nature of Mental StatesThomas Nagel: What Is it Like to Be a Bat?Methods of Scientific InquiryFrancis Bacon: Aphorisms Concerning the Interpretation of Nature and the Kingdom of ManKarl R. Popper: A Survey of Some Fundamental ProblemsKathleen Okruhlik: Birth of a New Physics or Death of Nature?John Beatty: Teleology and the Relationship between Biology and the Physical Sciences in the Nineteenth CenturyLorraine Code: Public Knowledge, Public Trust: Toward Democratic Epistemic PracticesPart Three: The GoodPlato: EuthyphroMoral FoundationsAristotle: From Nicomachean EthicsImmanuel Kant: From Fundamental Principles of the Metaphysic of EthicsJohn Stuart Mill: What Utilitarianism IsJurgen Habermas: On the Cognitive Content of MoralityChallenges to Moral FoundationsFriedrich Nietzsche: Morality as Anti-NatureA.J. Ayer: Critique of EthicsJean-Paul Sartre: From "Existentialism and Humanism"Melville J. Herskovits: Cultural Relativism and Cultural ValuesGender and MoralityMartha C. Nussbaum: Judging Other Cultures: The Case of Genital MutilationCarol Gilligan: Moral Orientation and Moral DevelopmentSusan Sherwin: Ethics, "Feminine" Ethics, and Feminist EthicsMartha Nussbaum: Judging Other Cultures: The Case of Genital MutilationCatherine Wilson: Moral Equality and "Natural" SubordinationPart Four: The JustPlato: Crito (or On Duty)Civil DisobedienceHenry D. Thoreau: Resistance to Civil GovernmentMartin Luther King, Jr.: Letter from Birmingham JailJohn Rawls: The Justification of Civil DisobedienceDemocratic GovernmentJohn Locke: From Second Treatise of GovernmentJohn Stuart Mill: From Considerations on Representative GovernmentAnne Phillips: Quotas for WomenCharles W. Mills: Modernity, Persons, and SubpersonsMulticulturalismCharles Taylor: The Politics of RecognitionWill Kymlicka: From Multicultural Citizenship: A Liberal Theory of Minority RightsDale Turner: Liberalism's Last Stand: Minority Rights and the (Mis)recognition of Aboriginal SovereigntyHimani Bannerji: On the Dark Side of Nation: Politics of Multiculturalism and the State of "Canada"Part Five: The BeautifulPlato: Art as ImitationPlato: Diotima on Beauty: Socrates' Speech in SymposiumArt and AestheticsArthur Schopenhauer: On the Metaphysics of the Beautiful and AestheticsArthur Danto: The ArtworldAlfred Lessing: What Is Wrong with a Forgery?James O. Young: The Aesthetics of Cultural AppropriationA Beautiful LifeLeo Tolstoy: From A ConfessionSusan Wolf: The Meanings of LivesBernard Williams: The Makropulos Case: Reflections on the Tedium of ImmortalityGlossary