Electronic Processes in Organic Crystals and Polymers by Martin PopeElectronic Processes in Organic Crystals and Polymers by Martin Pope

Electronic Processes in Organic Crystals and Polymers

byMartin Pope, Charles E. Swenberg

Hardcover | December 15, 1999

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The first edition of Pope and Swenberg's Electronic Processes of Organic Crystals, published in 1982, became the classic reference in the field. It provided a tutorial on the experimental and related theoretical properties of aromatic hydrocarbon crystals and included emerging work on polymersand superconductivity. This new edition contains the complete text of the first edition, plus an extensive new section, comprising nearly half of the book, which covers recent developments and applications with polymers. The book provides a unified description of what is known in almost every aspectof the field, from basic phenomena to the latest practical applications, which include LED's, photocopiers, photoconductors, batteries, transistors, liquid crystals, photorefractive devices, and sensors.
Martin Pope is at New York University. Charles E. Swenberg is at Geroge Mason University.
Title:Electronic Processes in Organic Crystals and PolymersFormat:HardcoverPublished:December 15, 1999Publisher:Oxford University PressLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

Part II. OPTICAL PROPERTIES OF ORGANIC MOLECULES AND CRYSTALSA. IntroductionB. Molecular excited statesC. Spectral propertiesD. Excited states of aggregates of moleculesE. Generation of excitonsF. Motion of excitons in molecular systemsG. Exciton processesII. SINGLE POSITIVE OR NEGATIVE CARRIERS IN ORGANIC CRYSTALSA. IntroductionB. Isolated molecules with excess chargesC. Crystals with excess positive or negative chargesD. Defects and trapped chargeE. Charge injection mechanisms at surfacesF. Carrier transportG. Steady current flowH. Thermally stimulated current flowI. Chemical effects accompanying the discharge of electrons and holes at electrolytic surfacesJ. Photovoltaic effectIII. PRODUCTION OF CARRIER PAIRS IN THE BULKA. Carrier generation mechanismsB. Carrier recombinationIV. PHOTOEMISSION FROM ORGANIC MOLECULAR CRYSTALSA. IntroductionB. Detection of photoemissionC. Theory of photoemission from solidsD. Photoemission from organic molecular crystalsE. Multiquantum processes as studied by photoemission spectroscopyF. Photophoretic spectroscopyV. MATERIALS WITH HIGH DARK CONDUCTIVITYA. IntroductionB. Radical-ion salt crystalsC. Charge transfer complexesD. General properties of one-dimensional crystalsE. Polymeric sulfur nitride (SN)xF. Superconducting organic radical-ion saltsVI. MISCELLANEOUS SYSTEMSA. IntroductionB. DyesC. PhthalocyaninesD. PolydiacetylenesE. PolymersF. LiquidsPart IIVII. ELECTRONIC PROCESSES IN POLYACETYLENE (PA)A. TheoryB. Electronic structureC. Confinement effectsD. TransportE. PhotoexcitationF. Identity of the charge carriersG. SummaryVIII. ELECTRONIC PROCESSES IN POLYDIACETYLENE (PDA)A. ExcitonsB. CarriersC. Summary of energy levels in PDA-TSIX. ELECTRONIC PROCESSES IN POLY(p-PHENYLENE-VINYLENE) (PPV)A. Structure and MorphologyB. Excited StatesC. Ladder polymersD. SummaryX. ELECTRONIC PROCESSES IN POLYANILINE (PAni)A. SolitonsB. ExcitonsC. PolaronsD. BipolaronsE. Pernigraniline base (PNB)F. Leucoemeraldine base (LB)G. Model for photexcitationsH. Summary of photoexcitationsI. Polyanilene saltsXI. ELECTRONIC PROCESSES IN POLYSILANE (PS)A. Poly(methylphenylsilane) (PMPS)B. Exciton-exciton annihilationC. Poly(di-n-hexylsilane) (PDHS)D. Exciton dynamics in PDHSE. Electroabsorption spectraF. SummaryXII. ELECTRONIC PROCESSES IN FULLERENES (C60)A. GeometryB. PreparationC. Chemical bondingD. Electronic structureE. Band gapF. Charge-transfer statesG. Carrier mobilityH. Photogeneration and recombinationXIII. CARRIER GENERATION AND RECOMBINATIONA. Carrier generationB. Carrier recombinationXIV. CARRIER TRANSPORTA. Molecular crystalsB. Molecular doped polymers (MDPs)C. Problems associated with existing MDP theoriesD. Validity of Einstein's relationship in polymeric systemsE. Quasimetallic transportXV. SPACE-CHARGE AND EMISSION-LIMITED CURRENTSA. ContactsB. MobilityC. TrappingXVI. ORGANIC MAGNETS (OM)A. Molecular basicsB. Mechanisms involved in stabilizing ferromagnetismC. Basic magnetic parameters, phenomena, and theoryD. Model spin systemsE. Magnetic properties of organic conductorsAppendix 1: Special TopicsAppendix 2: GlossaryXVII. SUPERCONDUCTIVITY AND OTHER COLLECTIVE STATESA. Nested Fermi surfaces (FS)B. Charge density waves (CDWs)C. Spin density waves (SDWs)D. Spin-Peierls transition (S-P)E. SuperconductivityF. Magnetic-field effectsG. Can ferromagnetism and superconductivity coexist?H. Luttinger liquidsXVIII. NONLINEAR OPTICAL AND PHOTOREFRACTIVE PROPERTIES (NLO)A. Nonlinear optical susceptibilityB. Photorefractive effect (PRE)C. DendrimersXIX. MOLECULAR ELECTRONICSA. Langmuir-Blodgett (L-B) filmsB. L-B films as rectifiersC. NLO L-B filmsXX. APPLICATIONSA. Electrophotography (XER)B. Photorefraction, hole burning, and nonlinear optics (HOL)C. Electroluminescence (EL)D. TransistorsE. SensorsF. Liquid crystalsG. BatteriesCreditsAuthor IndexSubject Index

Editorial Reviews

"Along with Pope, Swenberg wrote 'Electronic Processes in Organic Crystals,' which was published by Oxford University Press in 1982. The book was translated into Russian and also was distributed in China. A second edition of that book, titled 'Electronic Processes in Organic Crystals andPolymer,' [sic] will be published this year by Oxford University Press. 'We begged Oxford University Press to send us a copy of the book because his health was failing.' said Pope. 'They had someone handbind one copy and send it to him. He saw the book on Monday and died a day later. I think waitingto see the book gave him one day of life.'"--Meriden-Wallingford Record-Journal