Elementary Algebra by Mark DugopolskiElementary Algebra by Mark Dugopolski

Elementary Algebra

byMark Dugopolski

Hardcover | January 10, 2008

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Elementary Algebra, 6e is part of the latest offerings in the successful Dugopolski series in mathematics. The author’s goal is to explain mathematical concepts to students in a language they can understand. In this book, students and faculty will find short, precise explanations of terms and concepts written in understandable language. The author uses concrete analogies to relate math to everyday experiences. For example, when the author introduces the Commutative Property of Addition, he uses a concrete analogy that “the price of a hamburger plus a Coke is the same as a Coke plus a hamburger”. Given the importance of examples within a math book, the author has paid close attention to the most important details for solving the given topic. Dugopolski includes a double cross-referencing system between the examples and exercise sets, so no matter which one the students start with, they will see the connection to the other. Finally, the author finds it important to not only provide quality, but also a good quantity of exercises and applications. The Dugopolski series is known for providing students and faculty with the most quantity and quality of exercises as compared to any other developmental math series on the market. In completing this revision, Dugopolski feels he has developed the clearest and most concise developmental math series on the market, and he has done so without comprising the essential information every student needs to become successful in future mathematics courses. The book can be accompanied by numerous useful supplements, including McGraw-Hill’s online homework management system, MathZone, which can be purchased separately.
Title:Elementary AlgebraFormat:HardcoverDimensions:10.2 × 8.6 × 1.3 inPublished:January 10, 2008Publisher:McGraw-Hill EducationLanguage:English

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ISBN - 13:9780077224790

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Table of Contents



1 Real Numbers and Their Properties

1.1 The Real Numbers


1.3Addition and Subtraction of Real Numbers

1.4Multiplication and Division of Real Numbers

1.5Exponential Expressions and the Order of Operations

1.6Algebraic Expressions

1.7Properties of the Real Numbers

1.8Using the Properties to Simplify Expressions

Chapter 1 Wrap-Up


.Enriching Your Mathematical Word Power

.Review Exercises

.Chapter 1 Test

.Critical Thinking

2 Linear Equations and Inequalities in One Variable2

.1The Addition and Multiplication Properties of Equality

2.2Solving General Linear Equations

2.3More Equations


2.5Translating Verbal Expressions into Algebraic Expressions

2.6Number, Geometric, and Uniform Motion Applications

2.7 Discount, Investment, and Mixture Applications


2.9Solving Inequalities and Applications

Chapter 2 Wrap-Up


.Enriching Your Mathematical Word Power

.Review Exercises

.Chapter 2 Test

.Making Connections: A review of Chapters 1-2

.Critical Thinking

3 Linear Equations in Two Variables and Their Graphs

3.1Graphing Lines in the Coordinate Plane


3.3Equations of Lines in Slope-Intercept Form

3.4The Point-Slope Form


Chapter 3 Wrap-Up


.Enriching Your Mathematical Word Power

.Review Exercises

.Chapter 3 Test

.Making Connections: a review of Chapters 1-3

.Critical Thinking

4 Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities

4.1The Graphing Method

4.2The Substitution Method

4.3The Addition Method

4.4Graphing Linear Inequalities in Two Variables

4.5Graphing Systems of Linear Inequalities

Chapter 4 Wrap-Up


.Enriching Your Mathematical Word Power

.Review Exercises

.Chapter 4 Test

.Making Connections: a review of Chapters 1-4

.Critical Thinking

5 Exponents and Polynomials

5.1The Rules of Exponents

5.2Negative Exponents and Scientific Notation

5.3Addition and Subtraction of Polynomials

5.4Multiplication of Polynomials

5.5Multiplication of Binomials

5.6Special Products

5.7Division of Polynomials

Chapter 5 Wrap-Up


.Enriching Your Mathematical Word Power

.Review Exercises

.Chapter 5 Test

.Making Connections: a review of Chapters 1-5

.Critical Thinking

6 Factoring

6.1Factoring Out Common Factors

6.2Special Products and Grouping

6.3Factoring the Trinomial ax² + bx + c with a = 1

6.4Factoring the Trinomial ax² + bx + c with a ? 1

6.5The Factoring Strategy

6.6Solving Quadratic Equations by Factoring

Chapter 6 Wrap-Up


.Enriching Your Mathematical Word Power

.Review Exercises

.Chapter 6 Test

.Making Connections: a review of Chapters 1-6

.Critical Thinking

7 Rational Expressions

7.1Reducing Rational Expressions

7.2Multiplication and Division

7.3Finding the Least Common Denominator

7.4Addition and Subtraction

7.5Complex Fractions

7.6Solving Equations with Rational Expressions

7.7Applications of Ratios and Proportions

7.8Applications of Rational Expressions

Chapter 7 Wrap-Up


.Enriching Your Mathematical Word Power

.Review Exercises

.Chapter 7 Test

.Making Connections: a review of Chapters 1-7

.Critical Thinking

8 Powers and Roots

8.1Roots, Radicals, and Rules

8.2Simplifying Square Roots

8.3Operations with Radicals

8.4Solving Equations with Radicals and Exponents

8.5Fractional Exponents

Chapter 8 Wrap-Up


.Enriching Your Mathematical Word Power

.Review Exercises

.Chapter 8 Test

.Making Connections: a review of Chapters 1-8

.Critical Thinking

9 Quadratic Equations, Parabolas, and Functions

9.1The Square Root Property and Factoring

9.2Completing the Square

9.3The Quadratic Formula

9.4Applications of Quadratic Equations

9.5Complex Numbers

9.6Graphing Parabolas

9.7Introduction to Functions

9.8Combining Functions

Chapter 9 Wrap-Up


.Enriching Your Mathematical Word Power

.Review Exercises

.Chapter 9 Test

.Making Connections: a review of Chapters 1-9

.Critical ThinkingAppendix A: Geometry Review ExercisesAppendix B: SetsAppendix C: Final Exam ReviewAnswers to Selected Exercises Index