Encounter: Merrill's Christmas by Kate Hill

Encounter: Merrill's Christmas

byKate Hill

Kobo ebook | May 4, 2015

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Encounter: Merrill’s Christmas

Kate Hill

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Copyright ©2015 Kate Hill


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Merrill’s Christmas


Other than the roar of a lone FangCat far in the distance, the snowy night was quiet when Kwan-Teyl and Merrill stepped out of their shuttle. They had landed in front of the cabin where they would be spending their first Christmas together. Not that anyone here on Vampirema or anywhere else in the Silver Iris Galaxy celebrated Christmas, except for the few Earth humans who lived here.

The cabin belonged to a pilot Merrill knew. The guy used it just a few times a year for vacation. He had gladly rented it to Merrill for the weekend so that he could celebrate Christmas with his new family in an atmosphere that reminded him of his native Earth in wintertime.

“Open the door,” Kwan-Teyl said.

“What do you think I’m trying to do?” Merrill replied, fumbling with the key to the cabin while trying to balance two boxes filled with provisions, gifts and decorations. Not that he was complaining. Kwan-Teyl was carrying the tree.

“Hurry up. I’m freezing my pods off.”

Pods. Merrill wondered if he’d ever get used to Mysterk slang. Why couldn’t Kwan-Teyl call them “nuts” like a normal guy?

Merrill finally opened the door and used his shoulder to nudge on the lighting system. He dropped his boxes on the floor and turned to help Kwan-Teyl carry the tree to a corner of the living room.

“Again, tell me the significance of chopping down a tree and lugging it indoors?”

“We’re going to decorate it and puts gifts under it then we’re going to stand around and look at it while drinking eggnog and eating cookies.” Merrill shrugged off his coat. He reached for Kwan-Teyl’s, then hung them on the rack by the door.

“Ah,” Kwan-Teyl said with an amused smile. Merrill had never been able to resist his smile. It was very gentle, but Kwan-Teyl was rather mild for a native of Mysterk. His was a warrior race. Only recently, after thousands of years of civil war, had their planet known peace. Kwan-Teyl had played an important role in bringing it about and had nearly lost his life doing so. Merrill was relieved that Kwan-Teyl was out of danger now and they were free to build a life together.

“I’ve already told you how we celebrate Christmas. Why do you keep asking?”

“Because you look cute when you talk about it.” Kwan-Teyl stepped closer to Merrill and lightly grasped his waist. “I like seeing you excited about it.”

“I’m not that excited,” Merrill said, trying to sound nonchalant. “It’s more for the hatchling. It’s his first Christmas, after all.”

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