Encounter: Pathway to the Margin by Mikala Ash

Encounter: Pathway to the Margin

byMikala Ash

Kobo ebook | November 16, 2015

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Encounter: Pathway to the Margin

Mikala Ash

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Copyright ©2015 Mikala Ash


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Pathway to the Margin


She was attractive, no doubt about it. Standing at my door, blocking the view of the dirty rubbish strewn corridor, she was the stuff of dreams; high cheekbones, brightly glossed and sensuous lips, a cute dimpled chin, and a delicate neck. Her eyes, however, were less attractive. They were bright, alert, and predatory. I’d seen these eyes before, in the faces of zealots and politicians.

“Major Boyce.”

It wasn’t a question, so I threw one back at her; “Who wants to know?”

“You wanted to meet me.”

That threw me. I gave her the once over, from toe to the peak of her fashionable little hat. I liked what I saw. “I think I’d remember.”

“You were high at the time.” Those luscious lips curled into a provocative but cold little smile. “On pain killers.”

Her gaze dropped to my left leg, then travelled slowly up to my right arm. It was an evaluation, like she was checking out the merchandise. She wore the expression of someone who was considering buying a housebot, or a gun. As her appraisal continued I felt more like a piece of meat, though that was probably because I was wearing only shorts.

She nodded absently to herself. Evidently I’d come up to scratch. “May I come in?”

“Don’t mind the mess,” I said. “The maid is on the fritz.”

She stepped past me and I caught the whiff of money; expensive pheromone laced perfume that matched her tight, expensive belted tube dress, high tech microfiber with subtly pulsating kaleidoscopic shading. The scent and dress responded to her body chemistry, expressing her inner mood, or so the late night shopping channel informed me.

She gave my apartment the same consideration she’d given my physical attributes. For the first time in ages I was conscious of what a dump it was, but I nudged that thought away. I had other things to focus on. Again she gave that slight nod of decision before she turned back to face me, which was something of a pity. I quite enjoyed the view. She had an ass to die for.

“My memory still comes up blank,” I said, closing the door.

“You wanted to kill me.”

I think I’d remember something like that. “Why would I want to do a terrible thing like that?”

She gave an amused smile and stepped towards the window that gave a panorama of the smoggy cityscape. She didn’t open it. “You’re right on the inversion level,” she observed. Her voice had the clear, cultured lilt of the elite. “The air is cleaner below you.”

“This floor goes for half price.”

Her gaze fixed me like an eagle’s before the kill. “Do you still hate me for saving your life?”

I took only a moment to piece it together after that. Her interest in my leg and arm, her superior, all knowing tone, it all added up to one thing. “You’re the precog.”

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